The 10 Best Fishing Apps of 2023

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A.N.G.L.R. tops our list of the best fishing applications of 2023. You can log your information into the system to track your previous catches and where you retrieved them. Moreover, this app lets you know your location, the time of the day, and baits and lures ideal for fishing in that specific spot. It can also analyze the metrics and trends while tracking and retaining your fishing spots. Fish Brain is another popular fishing app that you can use while fishing. This app supports a massive social network of fishermen devoted to their craft and a base of users exceeding 9 million. You can use the Fish Brain app to predict the weather on the days of fishing as well as the popular species you can find in that fishing spot. Additionally, this app is free, and you can use it to identify the tool, baits, and lures you can use in that spot.

Nowadays, numerous fishing apps in the market claim to enhance your fishing experience. Since getting the right app can be quite hectic, we’ve prepared a list of the ten best fishing apps that are efficient and reliable.

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Similar to many other fishing applications, angler allows you to log your information into the system, which over time, can become an incredible resource to harken back to. What sets the system apart from its competitors, however, is its automation. 

Once the app is opened and the start button is pressed, it begins to factor in information such as weather conditions, including temperature and cloud cover, GPS routes, and the temperature and flow of the water.

Factoring each of these data points into an equation, ANGLR helps anglers with location, times of day, and what lures or bait is most effective.

The analytics of this app which completes metrics and trends while tracking and retaining fishing spots, creates an incredible one-stop-shop fishing app that is free for anglers to use.

2. Fish Brain

One of the most widely used fishing applications that are currently available is Fish Brain. It’s a massive social network of fishermen devoted to their craft and a base of users exceeding 9 million currently.

This app is a crowd-sourced data-driven analytical app providing hotspots and the real-world, real-time information to create the optimal fishing experience for those on the water.

Not only does this app link you to other fishermen, but it also provides services such as predictions on the days of fishing, hotspots, the current species that are biting, species identification tools, and so much more.

The ground-level version of this app is free, while the premium version, which comes with all features previously referenced, starts at $5.99 per month.

3. FishAngler

With four primary features, the fish angler app is an excellent addition to any serious angler’s arsenal.

Providing mapping features, forecasting weather up to seven days out, including marine predictions, and functioning logbooks with over 50 catch-detailed attributes in a virtual community, this app has more than enough for any starting angler. 

Some of the best features of this include the fact that you can record the conditions, locations, and times in which you made a catch and the lures used. This free app is an easy-to-use platform that allows anglers to network, share information, and enhance their capability on the water.

4. Fishidy 

While the name certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue, this app brings some serious firepower to the angling realm.

With a waterways database containing over 180,000 salt and 20,000 fresh bodies of water, this app pairs its information with fishing and weather predictions and logging catches while tracking other anglers’ success and techniques out of the water.

The premium version of this app includes additional features such as underwater structure detection, the location of 27,000 designated hotspots, and bathymetric mapping.

This app even allows anglers to learn more about what is beneath the water’s surface by tapping on items displayed on the screen. While the app is free to use by the public, the premium version is worth the upgrade to $9.99 a month.

5. iangler 

Essentially the 2.0 of the iangler tournament platform, which hosts catch and releases photo competitions, the iangler app is a little different than your average fishing app. For those who love competition fishing, this app is perfect for stoking the cause of a little friendly rivalry on the water.

This app allows you to check local events that may not be readily available online and garner data, both catch and condition related, that has been stored for the purposes of scientific research and restoration.

With a near pinpoint accuracy on what, when, and where fish have been caught to help assess the current fish populations, this app helps both wranglers and conservationists come to have a better understanding of the waters they love.

Separate from the tournament version, people can record catch locations, catches, and other information without having to partake in a tournament while contributing to conservation efforts.

This app is free and is an excellent download for any anglers looking to contribute to the betterment of the habitats they enjoy fishing. 

6. Pro Angler

When pro angler was created, it was made for professionals. Now, it’s utilized by professionals, with local captains that are based in Florida constantly weighing in with information on the what, when, and where of bites on the water.

It’s hard to get better first-hand knowledge anywhere when angling in Florida. The application also features the addition of 7500 hotspot additions that include water and air temperature, tide tables, and meteorological conditions.

One of the unique features of this app is that it includes onshore stops necessary for anglers, such as charters, weight stations, boat ramps, tackle shops, and boat launches.

Asserting the claim that it is the best fishing software on the market, Pro Angler makes a strong argument with its free pricing and host of features on and off the water to help provide a smooth day of fishing for anglers of all skill levels.

A premium version may be purchased, including removing any advertisement and a few extra features, for $9.99 a month.

7. Troll Master Depth Calculator 

Trolling is a relatively common technique when angling fresh or salt water from the boat.

There are a wide variety of factors to take into consideration, from the specifications of the rod’s height and action to the speed, weight, lure type, and line, and this application helps calculate the exact depths where your lure should be placed. 

Utilizing calculations based on physics verified by depth gauges, this application constantly adds new lures garnering popularity to ensure accurate calculations. Though this app fills a niche role, it is well worth the $9.99 it costs to purchase, as it will effectively enhance your trolling experience.

8. Terrafin

Measuring the ocean’s temperatures and its surface, the Terrafin app includes downloadable charts, bearings, altimetry and chloroform graphs, and waypoints to create essential software for offshore anglers.

This app serves the offshore angling community well with easy-to-comprehend data covering both the surface and the water.

Though this app is free with a few sample charts, the full package is $109 per year for church updates three times a day. 

9. Fish Track 

The quintessential deep-sea sport fishing app, this offers up-to-date current and tide information, moon phases, chlorophyll and surface temperature levels, weather forecast, and bathymetric data all at your fingertips.

In contrast to the majority of applications on the market, this app allows you to save and store images viewed on shore so that the charts are still readily available once you lose cell service. 

With a premium edition that features constantly updated satellite photos, improved navigational capabilities, and a few other features, this app is free to try but costs $14.99 a month to keep. 

10. Riverflows

A bare-bones application, Riverflows is an easy program provided by the United States geological survey, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Colorado Department of water resources, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, and the California data exchange.

This application provides up-to-date information on the water levels of all bodies of water inside the continental United States. 

The bodies of water are portrayed as graphs, and the temperature for the body of water is also listed as well. This application is free to use and can come in handy in certain circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best fishing app to use?

While there are a wide variety of apps available on the market, the most highly used and well-rounded application available is Fish Brain. With all of its features, it’s well worth the $5.99 per month fee.

Is Fish Brain Worth it?

Absolutely. Many of the angling apps cost in excess of $9.99 per month, while Fishbrain costs $5.99 per month. Not only do anglers receive high-quality, data-driven analytical information on fishing that enhances their experience, but they also receive it for much cheaper.

Fishing apps can accentuate anglers of all skill levels on the water. Finding the right one for your needs can be the difference between a full ice box and never having your bait fall off your hook. Fish Brain is one of the best apps on the market, but anglers should select an app that fills their specific needs.

As always, good luck, and stay safe out on the water.

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