5 Best Fishing Line Spoolers (Buying Guide)

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Spooling can be a real hassle. Whether it’s the night before an incredible angling expedition or months in advance, it seems as though many things have to go right for smooth spooling.

The results of poor spooling can often be seen in birds-nest, malfunctions on the water, or heard in the swearing and throwing of equipment as anglers relinquish any hope of a successful spool. 

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, spooling one’s rod has become much more manageable.

What may have at one point taken a significant portion of time to ensure a quality spool can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. 

What is a Fishing Line Spooler?

A fishing line spooler is a spooling device or tool that allows anglers to spool line onto the reel quickly while avoiding twists or tangles that may immediately or later affect the integrity of the line or reel. 

With various factors, including differing reels such as bait casters and spinners and multiple types of lines such as fluorocarbon, mono, and braid, it’s essential to have a spooler that will work well when used in conjunction with the angler’s current gear. 

Do I Need a Fishing Line Spooler?

No matter the reel or type of line, eventually, the fishing line goes terribly, breaks, or tangles in such a manner that it can no longer be salvaged.

Because high-quality reels rarely have pre-spooled lines on them, it’s good to spend money on a spooler that can save anglers a hassle and time. Investing in a spooler may also prevent line twists typical in spinning reels.

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Best Fishing Line Spoolers

Below is a list of the five most effective fishing line spoolers today.

1. Piscifun Winder

Best All Around Spooler

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easily storable and transportable
  • Works well on multiple reels
  • Reliable and steady

When it comes to fishing line spoolers, sturdy yet lightweight, compact and easy to store, and versatile enough to work with narrow and wide spools is a tall order. However, the Piscifun Winder manages to accomplish all of these. 

With two extra brushings that are small and fitted for line spools of differing diameters, this product provides some of the steadiest spooling today. With a graphite frame that provides a lightweight but sturdy finish, this compact spooler fits everything from a backpack to a tackle box. 

This spooler is easily transportable, weighing in at about 8.82 ounces and 10.23″ x 6.29″, making it the number one pick on this list.

Capable of loading both mono and braid, this spooler works on various reels, including spinning and bait casting. All required for differing reel types is loosening for spinning and tightening for bait casting. 

2. THKFISH Fishing Spooler

Best Multi Surface Spooler

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • The suction cup allows for spooling on a multitude of surfaces
  • Adjustable settings for line tightening
  • Aluminum coil holders that are multi rotational to prevent line twist

With a suction cup to latch it in place and a completely adjustable frame, this spooler is easy to install and just as easy to remove. 

Its compact build and lightweight design make the THKFISH Fishing Spooler readily transportable and easily stored. With its dimensions at 5.5″ x 5.31″ and the overall weight of 4.8 ounces, this is a cost and space-effective product. 

It’s hard to go with features such as a suction cup for secure purchase on smooth surfaces, a multi-rotational aluminum coil that helps prevent line twists, adjustable clamps for tightness, and well within most anglers’ price range wrong with this spooler.

3. Berkley Portable Fishing Line Spooling Station

Most Stable Spooler

Key Features

  • A quick and painless way to fill spinning and bait cast reels
  • All spooling is 100% in line, included in the spinning reel attachment
  • hang tab and compact design
  • Capable of holding up to 3000 yards of line to spool
  • The reel cradle is easy to mount and remove.

Precision and stability are both paramount when it comes to central when spooling a reel, and if you do it better than the Berkeley Portable Line Spooler Max.

This product makes spooling both baitcasting and spinning reels an easy process, shaving off precious time they could be spent on the water. This spooling station can be utilized both on a tabletop and hanging from walls or doors.

When utilizing necessary tension, in-line spooling can eliminate all line twists virtually, providing a smooth load onto the reel. Easily hung from the cabinet or wall, this spooler can handle vast amounts of lines of almost any size. 

The reel mounts into a cradle on the spooler, which hangs at 90 degrees and can easily be detached once the spooling is complete.

4. PENN Fishing HD Line Winder Fishing Line Spooler

Most Well Built Spooler

Key Features

  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • Capable of holding bulk and filler spools
  • While winding line, it is designed to keep spools stationary 
  • Foldable frame
  • It comes with the ability to decrease or increase tension.

Used by tackle shops and pro anglers worldwide, this spooler can hold just about every sort of line there is. Durable and well constructed, it is comprised of quality components to ensure a lifetime of spooling. 

With the frame and majority of the materials being steel, it is not a light spooler. Weighing in at 6.75 pounds and with a length of 14 inches, this is a heavy spooler. 

Easily stored but not conducive for transport, this spooler works best if left in one’s garage with the rest of an angler’s equipment which is not an immediate necessity as it is both expensive and cumbersome.

5. KastKing Radius Line Spooler

Most Transportable Spooler

Key Features

  • Clamps directly onto the rod
  • No need to remove the reel from the rod itself
  • User-friendly design that’s easy to transport
  • Works well with all kinds of reels and line

With its patent-pending unique design, the KastKing Radius Line Spooler is a convenient option for anglers who prefer to keep the reels on their fishing rod when spooling. This on-the-go fishing line winder is portable and has no hassle. It allows anguish to re-spool on the dock, boat, or home.

With its 1/4 pound spool capacity, clamp points that are a soft touch to protect rod blanks, adjustable tension for spooling, and ability to work with all kinds of lines, this spooler does it all. 

Simple and easy to use, its rubber clamps are capable of latching on to fishing rods of all sizes without damaging your gear. Its unique design prevents line twists and makes spooling easier for the end-user with a compact, transportable frame.

Spoolers are for anglers of all experience levels, not just the pros. Working on one’s gear on the water or at home quickly and efficiently provides anglers an extra tool in their arsenal.

Events such as a change of habitat, malfunctions, or faulty gear may dictate a line change, but anglers will be back to having their line wet in no time with the right spooler. As always, good luck and stay safe out on the water.

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