5 Best Fishing Spots on Toledo Bend

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The Toledo Bend Reservoir is on the Sabine River, in the middle of Texas and Louisiana. It is the eighth-best bass lake in the United States. Every angler’s dream is to catch fish in this lake. It’s beautiful and has a great deal to offer.

Aside from freshwater fishing, it’s a terrific area for hunting, camping, and having a picnic with friends or family in this peaceful environment. Bring your best freshwater fishing lures and enjoy a day of fishing!

Anglers are also engaged to learn that the fishing areas in Toledo Bend are among the greatest, providing an unforgettable experience with family and friends.

Let’s take a closer peek at the best fishing spots in Toledo Bend. No matter what you pick, you’ll have a great time fishing in Toledo Bend.

best fishing spots on toledo bend
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Things To Know About Toledo Bend Reservoir

The Toledo Bend Reservoir spans the Texas-Louisiana border, running approximately 100 miles south from Logansport, Louisiana, to the dam. It is noted to produce trophy largemouth bass and offers a range of fishing possibilities. 

In fact, the abundant feed in Toledo Bend Reservoir results in an exceptionally high-quality fishery. Furthermore, substantial stocking encourages the growth of stripers, crappies, bream, white bass, and yellow bass.

Cutting a few boat routes before the lake was filled and new ones are created regularly. Many people of Texas have also built private brush piles throughout the Toledo Bend reservoir to create additional fish habitats.

It’s also the country’s fifth-largest body of water. The shoreline of Toledo Bend stretches about 2,030 kilometers (1264 miles).

It measures 104.6 kilometers (65 miles) in length and 16 kilometers (10 miles) in breadth. The lake’s maximum depth is 34 meters/112 feet.

Fish Species You Can Find in Toledo Bend

Let’s take a deeper look at the different types of fish that are found in the fishing spots of Toledo Bend. The Toledo Bend Reservoir is home to a wide range of fish species.

Largemouth bass, White bass, Striped bass, Bluegill, Flathead catfish, Channel catfish, Blue catfish, Redear sunfish, crappie, bream, and other bass species can be found in the area. 

Largemouth basses are most popular here in Toledo Bend Reservoir. Big catches are guaranteed when looking for fishing spots in Toledo Bend!

Best Fishing Spots on Toledo Bend

When you know the top Toledo Bend fishing spots, it’s always easier and more pleasurable to go bass fishing and a lot more, especially if you’re a newbie in terms of fishing with little experience trying to strike gold instantly.

Make sure to catch a lot of largemouth bass in the area! 

Housen Bay

It’s on the west bank of Hurricane Creek, where it splits off from the Housen North bank. Housen Bay is one of the fishing spots ideal for catching large fish and bass species because it has plenty of grass.

It’s a popular pre-spawn and spawning location. Even if the water is not see-through, spawn zones make it straightforward to locate fish. 

Housen is one of the lake’s most popular tournament and recreational fishing spots. It is the source of many of the double-digit fish.

Additionally, a succession of flats with drains and holes running through them provide ideal pre-spawn sites.

Indian Creek

Indian Creek is a great place to capture a lunker to enjoy Toledo Bend fishing. It’s located on the lake’s southwest shore.

Hay grass, milfoil, and hydrilla abound, but there isn’t any timber. The water is clear and transparent. You can see right through it. It is one of the greatest fishing spots to spawn between the hay and the lake bank.

Looking through this might get you a bundle of largemouth bass. Because it is close to the dam, it has deeper, clearer water. Most of the fish spawn on the bare bottom between the hay and the bank.


It is situated between San Patricio and San Miguel Creeks. The name stems from a route used to run through this area before building the reservoir.

There are numerous creeks and drains, making it one of the best fishing spots. There are several bushes and willow trees at this important location.

Because 1215 is rarely clear, looking through it is almost always difficult. 1215, like the other creeks on our list, is a perfect location for sprawling. A multitude of fish may be found here precisely because of this.

You may even find yourself getting a largemouth bass. In this region, fish stay longer after spawning, giving us additional opportunities to catch them.

Negreet Creek

This watercourse is one of the perfect fishing spots on the Toledo Bend Reservoir, Louisiana. It’s located to the south of the Pendleton Bridge. Negreet Creek is a strategically important location, even though the water isn’t very clear to gaze through.

Fish spawn on boat docks, cypress trees, and shrubs, among other places. There are a lot of cypress trees, but there aren’t many bushes.

Negreet has a lot of land and specific targets, but the water clarity isn’t as fantastic as it could be. One of the advantages of Negreet is that it has a lot of bank cover.

It has a completely different appearance, and people believe that the fish are a little easier to target in that portion of the lake because of the off-colored water.

Rocks and Ledges

In Toledo Bend fishing, fishes are attracted to rocks and ledges, so it is recommended to search for them in these regions. Rocks and ledges, for example, can be seen submerged.

Make sure that by staying, you’ll get yourself a largemouth bass. Minnows and little spinnerbaits are some of the greatest fish baits in Toledo Bend Reservoir.

4 Tips for Finding and Catching Crappie in Toledo Bend

Both beginners and experienced anglers can apply these tips to have better chances of catching crappies in Toledo Bend.

1. Crappie can be found spread along grass lines near deep water in coves and creek inlets during the spring. Parallel to the grass line, work a 1/32-ounce jig. You can find it in creeks with either planted or natural bushes. Shiners or jigs fished vertically above the brush might catch these fishes.

2. During the summer, the brush will continue to hold crappies. Brush in creek channels and sloughs with 10 to 15 feet of water usually have the most fish. Shiners and jigs fished vertically are your best option for attracting these fishes once again. Ensure to use the appropriate baits. 

3. Crappies will congregate near bridge pilings in early winter, particularly near the Pendleton and LA 191 bridges. These fishes are caught using jigs and live shiners.

4. Crappies are attracted to the old river channel bends that run from Webb Lake to Saltworks Lake to Chicken Coop from October to January. In locating these fishes, high-quality devices are employed.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to familiarize yourself with those amazing fishing spots here at Toledo Bend. Have the best fishing time in these scenic places while you enjoy your time with your family and loved ones.

Hoping that you’ve learned more about Toledo Bend, the fish species you’ll have to find, especially the best fishing spots in the area. Have a great time fishing!

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