Best Ice Fishing Apps for 2023: Get the Ultimate Edge for a Successful Catch

Ice fishing apps can make your life easier and your fishing trips more successful.

Whether you need to check the weather, find the best spots, or learn new tips and techniques, there is an app. General fishing apps can also help you plan your next ice fishing trip and track and record your catches. This way, you can learn from your experience and improve your skills. Some apps also support social and community features that connect you with other anglers who share your passion for ice fishing. You can use such features to find information on oncoming fishing events and clubs that you can participate in.

Some of the best ice fishing apps for 2023 are FishWeather, Navionics, When to Fish, Fishbrain, and more! Read on to find out more about these amazing apps!

Weather and Fishing Reports Apps

The weather plays a vital role in ice fishing, and knowing what it will be like on your fishing day will help you prepare. Weather fishing apps help you better predict the waves and winds before fishing.

Some of the apps you can use for weather forecasting include:

FishWeather App

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This free app helps you know the wind conditions of the water body you will visit. The FishWeather app shows wind strength, wave height predictions, water and air temperatures, and ice thickness.

Wind Finder App

This app uses visuals to show the strength of the wind. The app displays windy areas using green to red colors while purple and dark blue colors for less wind.

Buoy Weather App

This fishing app provides the full weather forecast for the next sixteen days. The only drawback is that you have to pay the annual fee.

Fishing Maps and Locations Apps

To have a successful ice fishing trip, you must know the terrain of the water body you’ll visit. Some of the apps that provide you with fishing maps and location data include:

Navionics App

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This app for ice fishing shows a comprehensive library of bathymetric maps and marine charts of the lake you’re fishing at. The app contains other exciting features, such as Sonar Chart that helps you upload your sonar logs to get a customized chart.

Navionics app works best for anglers who don’t have a GPS as it puts comprehensive contours to your location and can be installed by both iOS and Android users.

Deeper App

This fish finder app provides detailed information on the underwater terrain. The Deeper App projects the underwater map to your mobile device through Bluetooth.

This app provides anglers important information about the water temperature, bottom composition, depth, and the fish’s location. This app is free for both iOS and Android users.

Other apps you can use to determine maps and locations include the FishSmart App and ANGLR Bullseye.

Tips and Techniques Apps

Sometimes, you need an app to help you with tips and techniques for catching fish through the ice. Some of these apps include:

How To Ice Fish and Do It Well App

This is a good option for anglers who want to learn how to catch fish faster. The app has several tips, including the best baits and lures for different fish species, such as perch, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and many more. This app is only available on Mac App Store.

When to Fish App

This application helps you understand the fish in the water body you’re fishing at. The app calculates the season, weather, and other fish activities and gives you a comprehensive guide on where to fish. The app is only available for Apple users.

Trip Planning and Logging Apps

This app works best for anglers who want to know when to look for their favorite species.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

This ice-fishing app actively predicts all fish species’ feeding activity and movement. This app shows your preferred fish species’ minor and significant feeding habits.

You can also use the Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time App to know the current weather information and view different moon phases. It also has a feature that allows you to save different ice fishing spots automatically or manually.

Social and Community Fishing Apps

There are numerous social and community fishing apps that you can use to share your catches, fishing experience, and reports with other anglers. Some of the best community-based apps include:

Fishbrain App

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This app is one of the best fishing apps today. It allows anglers to upload their fishing reports, observations, and catches. The app helps anglers learn from each other about the areas they can get their favorite species.

This app also provides you with information you want to learn about the baits and techniques you can use to increase your fishing success. Fishbrain App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Fishidy App

This community-based app allows anglers to record data and catches about their fishing trip. The app has an online bragging board where anglers can upload pictures online and access hundreds of fishing tips.

Fishidy App also allows you to discover your fishing patterns and trends without the hassle of keeping records. This app is free to use, and you can download it on both Google and Apple Stores.


Nowadays, you can add numerous fishing apps to your mobile device to increase your fishing success. These apps provide fishing reports, ice conditions, real-time weather forecasts, and tips and techniques for catching fish through the ice.

Some apps support social and community features that connect you with anglers who share the same interest as yours. You can also upload your pictures online and access hundreds of fishing tips.

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