4 Best Striped Bass Rigs (Proven To Work)

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Are you looking to catch a trophy-sized striper, but don’t know which rigs to use? We contacted seasoned striper fishermen and asked them what rigs caught the most fish. In this article, we look at four you should try on your next outing.

Effective striper rigs are crucial for big stripers Source: Outdoor Alabama

1. In-line Sinker Drift Rig

In-line Sinker Drift Rig

Many anglers use drifting rigs to clam for stripers. Conventional tackle and braided line are popular for many seasoned bass anglers when drifting for stripers. 

To tie the In-Line Sinker Drift Rig, snell a hook to your leader line and attach it with a swivel to your main line. Next, put an in-line wrap around a rubber-core sinker to the line above your swivel. 

2. Carolina Rig

Carolina Rig

Carolina Rig helps you reach deeper down the water where the stripers are. With its more natural presentation, stripers are attracted to take the bait hooked. 

To tie the Carolina rig, start by cutting a leader line (about 18 inches). Tie your hook to your swivel with a Palomar knot, Uni knot, Jam knot, and Improved Double Clinch knot. At the other end of your leader, tie on your swivel with a Palomar knot.

Make a loop to attach your leader to your mainline, then pull your whole line through the loop. First, remove your hook, then swivel through the loop of your mainline. Moisten your finger and knot to make it flat before tightening.

3. Fish Finder Rig

Fish Finder Rig

The Fish Finder rig boasts versatility regarding hook sizes, lines, and weights you can rig it with. It is a simple and effective bait rig for stripers, halibuts, and other bottom-dwelling fish species. 

To tie the Fish Finder Rig, cut around 18 inches of leader line and tie your hook at one end using a Palomar Knot. On the other end, tie your swivel with the same knot. Next, feed your mainline through the pyramid sinker and bead before connecting it to the other side of your swivel.

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4. Mojo Rig

Mojo Rig

Using Mojo Rig to catch stripers gives you the right blend between aggressive and subtle tackle to bag your trophy striped bass. This makes one of the best bottom fishing rigs that catch stripers. 

To tie the Mojo Rig, put your rubber peg through the little loop of your leader line before pulling and sliding your mojo weight in.

Next, slide another rubber peg through the little loop until you hit the Mojo weight. Feed your favorite fishing hook before tying a knot to secure your line and rigging your bait or plastic lure through the hook. 

Striper Rigs for Bank Fishing

bank fishing for striper
Fishing for stripers out in Texas.

When striped bass fishing in a bank, all you need to rig are hooks, sinkers, and your chosen bait. Usually, you can rig some weight on a Carolina to allow your circle hook and bait to sink to the bottom of the seafloor so the striped bass can take it.

Striper Rig for Shore/ Surf Fishing

surf fishing for striper
A serious set up for a serious striper.

Shore-striped bass fishing will require rigging the correct tackle. Using live bait under your slip rig with circle hooks allows you to cover more ground along with the current.

Striper Rig for Pier Fishing

If you are pier fishing or targeting a deep hole or the rocky part of a bridge piling, a good rig is the Carolina, as this takes the smaller bait down to the bottom of the water and keeps it there, making it ideal when you have the exact target location to fish. 

Trolling Rig for Striped Bass

You should try an Umbrella Rig when trolling for striped bass. An Umbrella Rig makes it easier for your lures to be at the desired depth, plus you get to have multiple out at once.

Striper Setup

Your most excellent striped bass find can usually be caught when you pair a medium power rod with a class reel filled with a 30-pound test braid and a 12 or 15-pound test fluoro leader.

With this type of setup, you can rig small to medium-sized jigs, plugs, and soft plastic baits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lures for striped bass?

There are many popular lures best used for striped bass. They range from eels, diamond jigs, paddle tails, mackerel, worm, and tube plastic lures. Stripper lures usually come in the following sizes; 4g, 7g, 15g & 22g.

What size hooks for striped bass?

If you use clams or cut-up baits, you want to use hook sizes between 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. Always check your state’s rules and regulations on fishing to see if they have specific mandates for using certain hooks when bait fishing.

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