Benjie Kim’s Light Line Surf Fishing Secrets

Benjie Kim fishing podcast
Benjie with his legal white seabass from shore. Source: Benjie Kim Fishing

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Today on the podcast, we have Benjie Kim from Benjie Kim Fishing on YouTube. He’s an up-and-coming light-line-focused YouTuber who’s recently been catching good-size White Seabass from shore using his trusty Lucky Craft.

If you’re interested in light-line surf fishing then this episode is for you! Benjie covers who got him inspired to start, what he’s caught, and how you can get started today.

In this podcast, we cover:

0:53: How Benjie started fishing with his Uncle and cousins. How he lost some of his drive to fish but then started to find it later in life.

2:42: What it’s like growing up as a Preacher’s child.

4:38: Finding his love of surf fishing.

6:10: How his wife stuck with her entrepreneurial endeavor and how it’s allowed him more time to fish. How he’s exploring YouTube as a way to make a living.

10:18: What Benjie has learned while surf fishing. Why does he love surf fishing so much?

14:28: All about California Surf Anglers Facebook Group that’s helped him get better at surf fishing. Now he’s a moderator.

18:53: Some of Benjie’s favorite surf fishing rigs for a variety of fish.

24:34: Why California Halibut has brought out his competitive side.

27:21: What it’s like catching a white seabass from the surf.

34:22: Lessons learned from starting a YouTube channel. Are there haters, or has it been pretty easy?

38:03: How do you differentiate yourself from all the other fishing YouTubers out there?’

44:37: What it’s like diving Baja versus Southern California.

45:09: What are Benjie’s favorite fishing resources? Check out the Bill Varney book on light-line surf fishing.

End: Why does Benjie fish?

Make sure you check out Benjie’s content:

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