11 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses 2023 (Our Top Picks)

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Your eyes are the most essential tool you have while you are under the sun searching for your next catch. Don’t neglect wearing eye protection. Here are the best fishing sunglasses for you!

Wearing sunglasses while fishing, no matter what the weather condition, is the best way to ensure that your vision stays sharp. Polarized lenses are the most recommended sunglasses for fishing.

To help you choose, we’ve made a list of the best polarized fishing sunglasses for anglers.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Top Fishing Sunglasses

Here are our top picks for the best fishing sunglasses:

1. MERRY’S Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses 

Best Unisex Fishing Sunglasses

Key Features

  • Lightweight with its aluminum bifocals
  • Plastic rim that’s resistant to chemical erosion
  • Equipped with composite lenses

This is a stylish sunglass that is made from durable synthetic resin with soft silicone. It’s an appropriate fishing sunglasses because it’s equipped with polarized lenses that restore the actual color of objects in the environment, so anglers can easily see the fish in shallow water. 

It utilizes polycarbonate lenses that have impact-resistant properties suitable for all types of anglers, whether you regularly or occasionally go fishing. What’s unique about Merry’s sunglasses is that their frame is ideal for all face shapes with its modern style. 

2. Polarspex Polarized Unisex Sunglasses 

Best Value

Key Features

  • Retro Classic frame design and lenses
  • Available in 68 frame colors with white, matte black, gray, or brown temples
  • The package includes a free heavy-grade wool storage case pouch 

This versatile polarized sunglass is equipped with features that can benefit those who are into outdoor activities such as fishing. It has anti-glare functionality with 100 UV protection to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

It has paintless reinforced metal hinges, so the normal wear and tear that it shows wouldn’t be too apparent as time goes by. With its wide variety of frame colors to choose from, you will surely find the one that best suits your preferences.

3. Kaliyadi Semi-Rimless Frame Sunglasses

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Key Features

  • Equipped with reinforced metal hinges
  • Stable-shaped integral nose pads
  • UV protection TAC polarized coated lenses

The Kaliyadi shades are described as state-of-the-art Italian engineering with their timeless design. It’s considered a sunglasses-polarized fishing accessory because it offers optical clarity, so it wouldn’t be difficult to spot fish in shallow water.

What makes these polarized fishing sunglasses comfortable is their 3-point fit patented frame technology. The glasses’ frame only touches three places—the bridge of the nose and the rear end of the temples—to reduce pressure on the head while still giving a snug fit.

4. KastKing Toccoa Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Impact-Resistant

Key Features

  • Grilamid frame
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Impact-resistant TAC lenses

The KastKing sunglasses are made from raw materials from Germany and Japan. They are ideal for driving, fishing, cycling, and running. Their TAC lenses are impact-resistant, so they will protect your eyes from flying objects and ensure no optical distortion that can cause eyestrain and headaches.

Frames are made from Grilamid materials that are lightweight, flexible, and well-known for their strength and shape integrity. 

KastKing also includes a molded custom hard case for storage once you purchase to protect your eyewear. For cleaning, they provide a custom Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch. However, for saltwater anglers, due to increased damage in the coating, avoid dipping in salt water. 

5. Oakley Men’s Oo9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses

Best Design

Key Features

  • HD Optics and HD Polarized
  • Plutonite lens with UV Protection filter
  • Prizm Technology
  • Lightweight O Matter frames that have detachable Integrated Retainer System
  • Unobtanium nose pads
  • It comes with a water-resistant eyewear case and attachment clip

It is engineered to be the ultimate shade for water activities or lifestyles. Oakley Split Shot Polarized Sunglasses are optimized with a lightweight Plutonite lens that offers comfort, clarity, and protection against UV radiation.

You also get Prizm technology which is a revolution in lenses for color, contrast, and detail enhancement. 

Their Prizm Shallow H2O Polarized sports lenses are ideal for anglers as it is designed to identify structure and drop-offs. It also cuts through glare in freshwater environments.

Its O Matter stress-resistant frames with Unobtainium nose pads are lightweight, durable, and maintain grips through sweat and moisture for an all-day stakeout into the water. 

A micro bag is also included for cleaning and storage of Oakley sunglasses. Its color options are abundant, so choose what suits you.

6. Optix 55 Polarized Glasses for Men & Women 

Best in Low Light Conditions

Key Features

  • Rubber-finished frames 
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Lightweight construction

The best time on the water to fish is during dusk or dawn because the right amount of brightness attracts fish to swim towards the shallow water.

The perfect pair of fishing sunglasses that will still make your eyes relaxed with no hint of eyestrain even in a gloomy atmosphere is the Optix 55 polarized shades.

Its glass lenses are equipped with REVO coating that offers scratch resistance properties and advanced HD technology to protect the eyes from light waves. The +0.74mm high-quality polarized lenses it utilizes reduce glare to make your vision free from distractions.

7. Meetsun Polarized Sunglasses Classic Retro Designer Style

 Best in Style

Key Features

  • Plastic lenses covered in Tri-Acetate Cellulose
  • Comfortable nose pads with a frame that has no nosepiece design
  • Available in mirror lenses in various lens colors

Suppose you’re looking for a shade that you can use as a fashion accessory and sports gear. In that case, the Meetsun Polarized Sunglasses offer flexible usage, whatever the season is (Yes! Even during the California lobster season). The lenses give optimum eye protection that can completely block blue light UVC, UVA, and UVB rays.

These polarized sunglasses for fishing can minimize glare through the anti-glare properties of its glass lens to make the objects that you’re looking at more precise and more accurate.

8. Sojos Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Most Durable

Key Features

  • Metal bifocals and hinges for long-time use
  • Nine lens colors to choose from
  • Ultra-light and ultra-thin frames

The classic aviator shades from this brand is a durable metal frame that is not easily breakable. This eye accessory makes use of polarized lens technology that can effectively filter out sun rays’ reflected glare.

Anglers don’t need to wear a sunglass retainer because it stays tight on the head. These polarized fishing sunglasses are suitable to use if you plan to fish for hours because it is constructed with stainless steel material that is durable and comfortable to wear.

9. Livho Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses UV Mirror Lens 

Best Engineered Frame

Key Features

  • Available sizes for adults and kids
  • Lightweight and glossy structure
  • Lifetime warranty

This pair of polarized sunglasses have an anti-reflective mirror lens to filter out reflected sunlight that serves as a protective shield against the harmful rays of UV400 damage. Paired with the best face mask for sun protection, you’re sure to be well-protected from the sun.

Each lens is covered with HD polycarbonate that makes the frames and lenses scratch-resistant and impact resistant. 

Its lenses are fully covered with an anti-reflective coating to block light reflections that pass through the lenses for improved vision for comfortable usage. 

10. HUK Eyewear Full Frame

Most Comfortable

Key Features

  • Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • Premium Polarized Polycarbonated Lens
  • TR90 Frame

These premium polarized sunglasses are comfortable to wear for long hours under the sun. Its frame is injected with TR90, a lightweight, flexible, and durable thermoplastic material. Its flexibility allows it to bend and form around the shape of the face. It offers a clear sight so you can easily see your fish from afar.

Its 8-base wrap features non-slip rubber ends for better performance and great light blocking. It is ideal for any outdoor trip because they resist impact and are durable compared to standard plastic or glass. The Huk has three different color lenses such as gray, green, and blue.

11. Costa Del Mar Men’s Blackfin 580g Round Glasses

Superior Quality

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Frames are made from resin
  • 580g Glass
  • Bio-based nylon frame material (TR90)

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are state of the art and are available with a 580g glass lens. It provides clarity that is superior and is scratch-resistant. It is polarized with a green mirror that enhances the vision and contrast which is great for inshore fishing and flats.

However, the lenses are glass, so it is not good for high-impact water activities like whitewater kayaking. Costa case and cleaning cloth are included for cleaning and storage. Costa Del Mar offers fixing or replacement if there are any defects in materials and craft. 

How To Choose The Best Fishing Sunglasses

Here’s a list of factors to consider depending on the angler’s fishing needs and preferences:

Lens Material

Where your glasses are made greatly impacts how your sunglasses will look like. The standard material used for the sunglasses is PVC plastic, metal, and even a nylon frame.

The metal is more durable than plastic, but it tends to rust easily due to sea spray, affecting the longevity of your fishing sunglasses. It is also important to pay attention to the lenses. It should be resistant to scratches. It is ideal to choose the one that can provide a distortion-free vision. 


The primary purpose of wearing polarized sunglasses is to lessen or eliminate the surface glare from the sun. It makes your vision clearer and sharper to see fish and objects under the water easily.

The darker the lens tint is, the more polarization it has. Shade lenses can be compared to Venetian blinds. It filters out light from a particular direction to avoid glared or scattered light.

Lens Color

The choice of lens color is essential to get the most out of your fishing polarized sunglasses. 

The typical tint shade for fishing sunglasses includes:

  • A blue mirror
  • A green mirror
  • A silver mirror
  • A mirror green
  • A green mirror silver

Aside from your preference, the tint that you will be choosing would depend on the fishing environment.

A grey base shade with a blue mirror is the ideal tint for fishing offshore. The green mirror with copper rose or amber tint is suitable to add to your inshore or freshwater fishing kit. While the ideal tint for sight fishing is copper with either a blue mirror, green mirror, or silver mirror.

Why Buy Quality Fishing Glasses

Choosing a suitable pair of fishing glasses is an essential accessory that completes your best survival fishing gear, whether you are a hobbyist or an advanced angler.

Your vision can be distorted while fishing due to dust, heavy winds, and the light rays that reflect into your eyes. This is why quality polarized fishing sunglasses protect the eyes while improving visibility.

Why Cheap Sunglasses Bought at Gas Stations are Junk

You may be tempted to buy sunglasses that you see in gas stations because of their low price. Still, it doesn’t have the essential properties necessary to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays.

Cheap sunglasses don’t have good light filters that can put a strain on your eyes in the long run.


Before heading out on your fishing adventure, make sure you equip yourself with a pair of polarized fishing sunglasses.

Finding the best sunglasses that will fit your fishing needs can be challenging with the wide range of choices in the market.

Anglers usually base their choice on their preferences to match their facial shape and skin color. Still, it is also essential to check out features that can be beneficial for your eye health.

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