81 Years Old and Still Slaying Monster White Sea Bass

Bill McIntyre spearfishing
Bill with solid yellowtail and huge white sea bass catches

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Today’s guest is Bill McIntyre. He’s been in the water all of his life, starting out with scuba diving before switching to freediving and spearfishing in his fifties.

In this episode, he covers the all-important safety we need to be considering while spearfishing. We then dive into boating etiquette so that you get invited back on your friend’s boats and a bunch more.

In this podcast Bill McIntyre and I cover:

00: How Bill found his love for the ocean

3:24: Talking about fighter jets (F4 and F18)

6:10: How the water has changed over the years

8:10: A clinic on how to stay safe while spearfishing

21:00: Does Bill follow his own safety rules?

26:00: Bills Rules to Boating Etiquette 

36:00: How long it takes to clean a boat

38:30: Beers on the boat OK?

41:30: It’s not a competition on the boat

42:46: How do you split your total kill?

43:55: Bill’s favorite fish by rank

45:47: How long before Bill shoots his first fish during a dive

46:33: Is diving abroad different than diving at home?

49:35: Stories about fishing for marlin

53:00: Does Bill take a rod and reel out while spearfishing?

54:04: A chat about spearfishing clubs

58:41: Fishing spot etiquette

1:00:00: Where to find Bill (OC Spearos Facebook group or [email protected])

Jon Stenstrom
Founder & Angler
Jon Stenstrom is a fishing enthusiast. He has over 25 years of fishing experience, and 6 years of spearfishing experience, and is currently learning how to boat. Jon has his Open Water PADI Certification and FII Freediver Level 1 Certification. Jon has traveled the world to fish and dive, most notably in the Great Barrier Reef, Baja Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia. More Articles
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