A Deep Dive into Spearfishing with Brad Thompson of the OC Spearos

SPEARFISHING TIPS with OC Spearos' Brad Thompson

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Today’s guest is Brad Thompson a Director of the OC Spearos a fast-growing spearfishing group in Southern California.

Brad is a seasoned business-owner who’s taking the club to new heights. 

In this episode with Brad Thompson we cover:

  • Common spearfishing club misconceptions
  • Spearfishing safety and why he likes freediving training
  • How he’s expanding the palates of his group members (aka making them eat kelp and more of their catches)

If you’re interested in checking out spearfishing, then visit a club meeting or the OC Spearos website.

brad thompson oc spearos with yellowtail
Check out Brad with his PR Yellowtail

Jump to what interests you:

00:41 – Introduction to Brad and how he got started into spearfishing.

04:32 – Safety. Why Brad originally dove by himself until he learned about freediver training. You can check out freediving training at http://www.freedivinginstructors.com/.

06:58 – Some freediver safety tips. The two major themes of FII training.

13:30 – What are some of the misconceptions of spearfishing clubs.

16:50 – Why each club should cherish their own club’s culture.

18:06 – The mission of the OC Spearos. The three main driving goals: Safety, Education, and Conservation.

25:38 – How you can join one of their meetings even if you’re not a member. 

28:27 – Why I think Brad has a direct connection to my brain. Why I got flack for shooting an opaleye.

29:09 – Thoughts around keeping the sport of spearfishing alive using a community. How he wants to create a federation of fishing and spearfishing people to keep the ocean prosperous. Why it’s important to use the whole animal after you take it.

37:31 – What people think people are doing when they say “spearfishing.”

39:35 – Why kelp is an untapped culinary treasure here in California.

44:39 – Why “fish-porn” is overplayed and that each video should be more teaching.

50:03 – Why we shouldn’t be a “dick” to new people who want to get into spearfishing. Why we need more people in the sport for it to stick around.

54:08 – How it’s unhealthy to focus on a goal and not understanding it or the process.

57:35 – Why Brad spearfishes.

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