CETMA Fins Review — Freediving & Spearfishing Fins

cetma composites fins review
My pair of PRANAs being glued in to S-WING pockets

CETMA Composites make great freediving and spearfishing carbon fins. Their fins have different flex profiles and stiffnesses to dial in any diver. They also make one of the best foot pockets that actually float!

In this guide we’re going to cover the different models and what we like about them.

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CETMA Composites Carbon Fins

1. CETMA Composities EDGE

The CETMA EDGE is the longest fins that they offer. These all-carbon fins have a uniform flex profile from heel to tip.

Where these freediving fins excel:

  • Divers looking to focus on freediving
  • Long and lengthy divers
  • Divers who want the most material for thrust

2. CETMA Composites Mantra

The CETMA MANTRA are shorter variants of the all-carbon EDGE. They have a similar flex profile that is more uniform than the PRANA. They are also great for those divers who want to use these fins for diving the line during freediving training.

3. CETMA Composistes Prana

The CETMA PRANA are a bit different to the MANTRA and EDGE in that they are not a full carbon fin and have a small percentage of fiberglass in the make up. They also have a different flex profile being a bit faster in the tips.

These were designed more for pure spearfishing especially if you’re going to be diving from shore.

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CETMA Fins Features

CETMA fins come with the following features:

  • The ability to work with CETMA S-Wing foot pockets or Pathos pockets
  • Different color options: white, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange, and others
  • Can be glued or screwed in, however, gluing is best
  • Colored rails to direct the water for more efficiency
  • Different stiffnesses

Would We Recommend?

I WISH I Did This To My Freediving Fins Earlier...

I have a set of yellow PRANA softs in S-Wing pockets and find them to be fantastic fins. I do a lot of shore diving when I can’t get on a buddy’s boat so I opted for the more spearfishing-focused fins. I have a bunch of friends who swear by the MANTRA since they only dive boats.

Make sure you get your foot pockets molded to your feet for extra comfort. These fins are durable and effective, just know they might stretch the bank a bit.

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