How to Save the World with Aquaculture

Professor Greg Lutz LSU podcast
Professor Lutz created one of the largest catfish aquaculture operations in Louisiana. Source: Louisiana State Sea Grant Collection

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Today’s guest is Professor Greg Lutz from Louisiana State University’s AgCenter. He’s been studying the effects of aquaculture and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Aquaculture Magazine.

In this episode, he gives an introduction to what aquaculture is, its limitations, and how it can help societies around the world.

What Are the Benefits of Aquaculture?

In this episode we cover:

2:00: How Dr. Lutz got inspired to pursue aquaculture

3:55: What is aquaculture for beginners

16:00: Why we can’t keep extracting creatures from the oceans without replenishment

19:54: Why aquaculture has seen criticism

22:56: What it’s like running one of the largest aquaculture operations in Louisiana

31:00: What’s the quality of farmed fish?

39:00: Does he have reservations buying farmed fish from big box stores?

42:00: Where Greg has traveled and how aquaculture is done abroad + why he loves Africa

49:00: How a fish trap can help local communities

54:00: What resources does he recommend for getting into aquaculture?

59:00: Why does he fish?

  • The wise people say: You have to make time.
  • No better way to get in touch with nature than fishing.

1:03:00: How to get in touch with Dr. Lutz

Get excited!

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