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In-Depth Hammerhead Evolution 2 Speargun Review

This speargun holds a special place in my heart. It was my first speargun I’ve purchased, and it’s been through a multitude of adventures.

I’ve used the 100cm version for years here in Southern California and in Baja. It’s possibly the most accurate speargun I’ve shot yet. In this Hammerhead Evolution 2 Review, I’ll cover what I like and dislike about the speargun. We’ll also talk about its features, and if I would rebuy it, all things considered.

Hammerhead E2 Speargun (75 cm)
  • MOST ACCURATE SPEARGUN IN AMERICA as independently tested by...
  • EVOLUTION^2 REVERSE Trigger Mechanism increases band stretch...
  • Hawaiian Style Open Muzzle design for clean line of sight...

Hammerhead Spearguns Review 

Hammerhead evolution 2 speargun review
Me taking a California Sheephead with the Hammerhead Evolution 2

Let’s first look at who’s behind the brand. Hammerhead Spearguns have been making high-quality spearguns out of Hawaii for some time now. Hawaii Skindiver Magazine also rated them as one of the more accurate spearguns on the market.

They have the right mix of beginners and advanced guns. Currently, their top of the line gun is the Na Koa Speargun and E^2 Karbon.

Hammerhead Speargun Features & Specs

Hammerhead uses a concrete mix of components in their guns. Let’s take a look at what they use.


I like the ergonomics of the handle. The plastic contour allows your hand to wrap around it. The white handle is also nice to be able to see the gun while diving in the murk.

Trigger Mechanism

Hammerhead uses stainless steel trigger mechs, which has held up through constant abuse. I’m diligent about rinsing off my gear, and so far, I haven’t seen any corrosion.

The trigger has the right pull for me.


Their 17-4 heat treat shafts have lasted through some pretty big fish. I landed 34-pound yellowtail with a flopper with this gun. The shaft wasn’t bent from the seven-minute battle. 

The one time I did bend the shaft in a rock, I could straighten it out with my thigh.

Their shafts come with mid flag and two rear flags welded on the shaft. I like the middle flag for adjusting power around the reef. It’s also helpful while getting started if your arms get tired.

I have recently switched to a Pathos spearshaft, which works great if you want to try another shaft manufacturer.


I’m a firm believer that beginners should start with aluminum barrels. It’s less to worry about. Their Karbon and Na Koa are fantastic, yet, if you don’t need those barrel materials, save your money, and opt for the metal barrel.

I liked the grove track, which has kept my spear shooting straight from day one.


Hammerhead Spearguns uses an open muzzle design, which took a bit of time to learn when I first started. Don’t worry; once you’ve practiced, you’ll be loading and securing your spear with your eyes closed.

What We Like/Dislike

I didn’t like using a double-wrapped mono shooting line with the 100cm gun. It was unnecessary for the power helix bands. I’ve since switched to a single wrap and use my reel line to wrap around if I need that extra distance.

I like this speargun because it is easy to use and easy to load it is right out the box. When you put the Hammerhead Evolution 2 up to your loading pad, you can pull and get the proper band stretch without struggling. Then when you see a fish, you can fire knowing the speargun recoil is slim to none.

Would We Buy Again?

Yes. Hammerhead Evolution 2 is a perfect beginner speargun that can stay in your arsenal for years. It won’t be the speargun that lands you on the cover of Spearing Magazine, but it’ll get you close. 

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