How to Keep a Hot Dog on Hook

Hot dogs can be an excellent choice for bait when fishing.

They’re inexpensive, easy to find, and attract various fish species. However, one common challenge many anglers face is keeping the hot dog securely on the hook.

how to keep hot dog on hook
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Why Hot Dogs Make Good Fish Bait

Hot dogs: a fish’s unexpected delight.

You might be surprised, but these are more than just a delicious snack for us humans to eat too. Did you know that these make great carp and catfish bait? These fishy friends love the strong smell and delicious taste of hot dogs, making them a super effective fishing bait option.

Why choose hot dogs for your fishing adventures? 

First up, they’re easy on your wallet. These don’t just offer affordability – they also provide unmatched convenience. No need to scour the town for a specialized fishing bait shop or wrangle live bait. All it takes is a simple trip to your local grocery store, and you’ll have plenty of bait pieces ready to go – just slice and dice!

Fishing with hotdogs is as easy as 1-2-3. Grab a pack from your refrigerator, chop them into smaller pieces, tie them, and you’re all set for a fantastic day of fishing. So, why not give hotdogs a try and see how they can reel in a big catch?

Choosing the Right Hook

Choose the perfect fishing hook.

Choosing the perfect hook is essential for keeping those hotdogs on the line and reeling in a great catch. The hook’s size and style play a key role in ensuring your bait stays put and tempts the fish.

When it comes to hooks, size does matter! 

A tiny hook might not hold the hotdog well, causing it to slip off the line, while an oversized hook could be too big for the fish to bite. Aim for a medium-sized hook, around size 1/0 or 2/0, to pair perfectly with hotdog pieces.

But what about the style? 

Circle hooks and treble hooks are highly recommended for hot dog bait. Circle hooks boast a unique shape that keeps the bait in place while minimizing the chance of gut-hooking the fish. Treble hooks, with their triple points, ensure a firm grip on the hot dog, making it tough for fish to swipe your bait.

How to Secure Hot Dogs on Hooks

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Ready to secure your hot dog on the hook? 

  1. Start by cutting it in half.
  2. Then, slide the bait needle through the hot dog’s center lengthwise.
  3. Then, attach the end of the snelled hook to the bait needle and guide the line of the snelled hook through the hot dog.
  4. Lastly, push the fishing hook into the hot dog until the hook’s bend is concealed.

Tips for Maximizing Hot Dog Bait Effectiveness

Here are a few tips on how to keep hot dog on hook and make hot dogs work as bait.

Storing and handling hotdogs right is key. Keep them fresh and cool in a container or cooler until it’s time to use them. This way, they’ll stay firm and maintain their fish-attracting scent.

Boost your hot dog bait by adding extra scents or flavors. Fish often rely on their sense of smell to find food, so try dipping hot dogs in onion on garlic powder or even fish attractant. These added scents would make hot dogs and your bait even more irresistible to fish.

Why not mix and match? Combining hot dogs with other proven best baits can improve your chances of success catching catfish. You could thread a worm or piece of shrimp onto the hook with the hotdog, creating a tempting smorgasbord for hungry fish. Experiment with different bait combinations to find the perfect recipe to attract fish.


Hotdogs can be a good bait option for fishing thanks to their appeal to certain fish species, affordability, and convenience. Selecting the perfect hook size and style is crucial for securing your hot dog bait. Become a pro at various attachment techniques, and always handle and store your hot dogs correctly to ensure maximum fishing success.

Boost your bait’s allure by adding enticing scents or flavors, and don’t hesitate to pair hot dogs with other baits to amplify your catch rate—the secret lies in experimenting with different approaches and uncovering what yields the best results for you. So, stock up on hot dogs, head to the water, and get ready to haul in a bountiful catch!

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