How to Make Speargun Bands

How to Make Spearfishing Rubbers | Spearfishing 101

If you’re going to be spearfishing often, then you’ll need to learn how to repair your gear. The worst feeling you can have is missing a dive opportunity because your gun has a broken band.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can make your own speargun bands. This will include how to make the wishbone and how to tie a constrictor knot.

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  • Rubber
  • Dyneema line
  • Wax line


  • Two sets of pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Lighter
  • Shears
  • Dish soap

Measure Your Bands

Making speargun bands requires a bit of trial and error. You can use a calculator to predict the optimal power from a certain length of band, but ultimately, you’re going to want to test out various sizes to dial in your speargun.

Here’s a link to a calculator for determining your band size.

Another option is to take your old band and measure the length of the rubber. To cut your rubber, it’s helpful to have a nice pair of shears and pull the rubber tight and have someone cut it. You can cut the rubber without pulling if you’re by yourself.

Make Your Wishbone

how to make speargun bands
Here’s a fully made speargun band using a Dyneema wishbone

The wishbone is the material that joins the two ends of the band together. These can be metal assemblies that need to be purchased or you can use Dyneema and make them yourself.

Cut the appropriate length of Dyneema based on the calculator or your old wishbone and tie a double overhand knot on both ends. Use your lighter to melt the ends of the cord so they don’t fray.

Assemble Your Band

Once you have your cut band and your wishbone, you’re going to want to coat the knots with dish soap for lubrication. Use pliers and carefully push the knot and up the rubber.

Now tie a constrictor knot which is self-tightening above the knot to prevent it from pulling out. Refer to the video above for more details.

Where to Buy Bands

If this seems too complicated, try taking your speargun to a dive shop for help.

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