How to Tie the J Knot

The J Knot is a secure fishing knot used for tying your tippet to your leader in fly fishing.

If the Surgeon’s Knot and the Davy Knot had a baby, it would be the J Knot. Some claim that this connection is close to 100% when appropriately tied and can even beat the triple Surgeon’s Loop since it puts less stress on the material, especially the lighter diameter lines.

Let’s learn how to tie this great braid to mono or fluorocarbon fishing knots.

Tying the J Knot

J knot
  1. Start by forming a loop with the two lines in parallel to each other and pinching where they overlap.
  2. Bring your two lines through the loop as if you’re making an overhand knot.
  3. Now you’re going to do your first weave by bringing the two lines around the outer edge of the loop and back through the opening. 
  4. Now make the same motion on the top side of the loop and bring the two lines through the loop.
  5. Do this action one more time at the bottom and bring your lines back through the center.
  6. Slowly start to cinch down the connection and moisten.
  7. When it’s lubricated, pull all strands of line tight and secure the connection in place.
  8. You’ve now completed the J Bend Knot!
J-Knot vs. Modified Albright - Episode 12, Knot Wars 2010


  • The prime use of these fishing knots is to tie tippet to a leader line. 
  • J Knot braid to mono is not recommended.
How to tie a J Knot

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • These fishing knots shine when you have a lighter leader line that you need to tie together. It’s probably best to use with mono and fluorocarbon rather than braid.
  • There aren’t a considerable amount of cinch points, so use with braid could lead to slippage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you stopper knot?

A: For a stopper knot, take your line and wrap it around your index and middle fingers three to six times, then put the tag end through the loops you just created. Then pull the mainline and tag tight to form your stopper fishing knot.

Q: What is the strongest fishing knot?

A: The most reliable fishing knot is one that’s appropriately tied and can withstand both gradual tension and shock tension. Many feel the FG is the strongest for line to line and the Palomar for attaching hooks and lures.

Q: How do you tie a J knot?

A: Start like you are tying a Surgeon’s, then weave your line three times, pull tight, then moisten.

Q: What is the best knot to join two lines?

A: FG Knot is the best for tying the main line to a leader together. However, the RP Knot is nearly as good and is easier to tie.

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