How to Tie a Jansik Special Knot

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The Jansik special knot or the Jansik knot can retain almost 100% of line strength and can handle over 20 pounds of weight if done correctly. Tying the Jansik can be a bit of a chore, but if done right, you may not need to use any other knot.

If you want to tie the Jansik Special Knot correctly, follow these steps:

Tying the Jansik Special

Jansik Special Knot

Step 1

Make 6 inches of line through the eye of a fishhook or a lure.

Step 2

Bring it around and make a loop out of it before running it through again.

Step 3

Make another circle that is parallel to the first one and pass the tag end of the line through the hook eye again. You should have two circles at this point.

Step 4

Now take the standing part of the line over the two circles you made and cinch them together before wrapping the tag end around them to complete the Jansik special knot. 

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How to tie the Jansik Special Knot

Jansik Special vs. Nanofil Knot

Both of these knots can be attached to a hook eye or lure easily. The Nanofil fishing knot is, basically, a double Palomar knot, and the Jansik special is also known as the Centauri knot. However, the Nanofil knot can retain 15% more line strength in comparison. However, the Jansik can hold up to more abuse from rowdy fish compared to the Nanofil and other knots. 

Jansik Special vs. Palomar Knot

Even though both knots are used to secure a line to a lure, the Jansik Special Knot is considerably stronger compared to the simple Palomar Knot. That’s because unlike the latter, it can hold almost 100% of line strength. The simple Palomar is suitable for light lines and weights only in comparison. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

If you can tie the Jansik correctly, you can look forward to a productive fishing trip. It can withstand 20 pounds in weight, but beyond that, it can lose functionality. Plus, tying can be tiring because you have to pull the line in three different directions at the same time. One of the tips you can use to make this easy is to use pliers. 


Trilene Knot – This fishing knot can be used to tie fluoro or mono lines to swivels, lures, and hooks.

Berkley Braid Knot – This is an excellent knot if you want to tie terminal tackle with a braided line. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to use the Jansik special?

A: This knot is ideal for you if you fish at night since it is easy to tie. 

Q: How can I prevent a fishing knot from failing?

A: Choose a fishing knot that cannot slip in the line you are using, and make sure you can tie it correctly, even if the line gets wet. 

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