How to Tie a Sliding Snell Knot

If you know how to tie fishing hooks, constructing the sliding snell knot or rig should be easy. This setup allows the hooks to be positioned close together or apart depending on the size of your bait. 

Learn to tie this fishing knot by following these steps:

Tying the Adjustable Snell Knot

sliding snell knot

Step 1

Start with a single fishing hook and some fishing line that can withstand 10kg of strain, Lay the line beside the book in a loop.

Step 2

Start wrapping the hook with the loop of the line.

Step 3

Make 7 to 10 wraps and then thread the eye of the hook with the fishing line you want to use as the leader.

Step 4

Continue wrapping, but this time wrap the line around the leader as well.

Step 5

Make 5 to 6 wraps around the leader.

Step 6

Close the snell and trim the tags. Then pull more of the leader fishing line through and tie it on the second hook to complete the sliding knot or snell rig.

how to tie: sliding snell knot


Sliding Snell Knot Carp
This rig is great when going after carp. Source: Lee
  • Learn how to tie the easy snell knot first before attempting this one.
  • Place a small bead between the hooks. This will stop the eye of the hook from ripping into the bottom knot as the top hook slides down when it gets a hit.
  • Tie a separate piece of monofilament line off the eye of the first hook to prevent the knot from sliding. 
  • Make sure both hooks are sharp to increase your chances of a hookup. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Tying sliding snell knot leaders can be tricky if you are a newbie, but if you can tie the simple version, tying this one should not take long. It’s like tying the common snell but with an extra line. The best benefit of these knots is that they increase your chances of getting a catch or multiple fish at the same time. Knot tying can be tricky at first, though. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a snell knot strong?

A: A simple sliding snell knot diagram should tell you how secure this knot is, but the one you make may not be at first. Practice makes perfect, and a video tutorial may help you tie these knots.

Q: Can I tie a sliding snell knot with fluorocarbon?

A: Yes, you can, but if you pair it with mono you can strengthen it further. The size of the hooks may also be a factor. 

Q: What is the purpose of a snell knot?

A: The hooks that are tied with these knots provide an even and straight-line pull to the fish. 

Jon Stenstrom
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