sheepshead fishing tips

Sheepshead Fishing Tips

Did you know there is fish that has a full set (and more) of human-like teeth? Meet the sheepshead or

cubera snapper fishing tips

Cubera Snapper Fishing Tips

Want to know how to the monster cubera snapper compares to other types of snappers? In this article, we’re going

jack crevalle fishing tips how to catch

Jack Crevalle Fishing Tips

If you are looking for a unique looking fish that is prized by anglers, you need to fish for the

how to catch amberjack fish

Amberjack Fishing Tips

Are you in search of a game fish you can test your fishing skills on? If you answered yes, try

dogtooth tuna fishing tips teeth

Dogtooth Tuna Fishing Tips

Dogtooth tuna are one of the rarest sportfish to land. It’s generally hard to find and land the big ones.

Opaleye fish swimming and fishing tips to catch them

Opaleye Fishing Tips

  I’m here to tell you that opaleyes are not a trash fish! They get a bad wrap in the

Person Drowning Underwater

Preventing Shallow Water Blackouts

Hearing news of a person drowning underwater is devastating. Far too many spearos over the years have succumbed to death