The Best Bank Fishing Rod Holders for 2023

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When you’re going for monster catfish or other fish, there can be a considerable time between bites. You should use a bank fishing rod holder to keep your rods ready for the bite.

Rather than holding your rod and reel, you can place them in a rod holder to keep them nice and clean without aggravating your arms.

best bank fishing rod holders
A fisherman with his bank setup. Source: Lester Public Library


If you’re handy, you can make bank rod holders for not much money. However, if you don’t have the tools or the time, there is plenty you can buy on the internet.

Let’s take a closer look at the store-bought bank rod holders before we get into how to make a DIY version.

5 Best Bank Fishing Rod Holders for 2023 Reviews

1. Coolnice Rod Holders For Bank Fishing

Best Spring Loaded Fishing Rod Holder

When it comes to picking rod holders bank fishing, this one is hard to beat. It’s super easy to set up, and once it’s in the ground, it can support almost all spinning, casting, or spin-casting reels. The support U-shaped anchor works in the sand (for a beach rod holder setup), mud, or even rock cracks.

Depending on how your bank is sloped, you can even place it at various angles. This gear is one to check out for sure.

2. Berkley Spiral Fishing Rod Holder

Best Spiral Rod Holder

Now, if you’re looking for something without any bells or whistles, the products you need to check out are simple spiral rod holders. This piece of hardware is a piece of metal coiled to fit your rod, and the other end gets anchored into the ground.

You can copy this design for a homemade fishing rod holder if you have some tools at home.

3. RITE-HITE Bank Fishing Dual-Rod Holder

Best Multiple-Rod Holder

This option is an excellent option if you’re fishing around lakes, ponds, and streams. It allows you to set your rod against it, similar to if you were going to prop it up against your chair. This holder keeps the rod tip high to see when you’re getting a bite.

Since it’s 36 inches tall, it’ll keep your gear clean if you decide to buy two and lay your rods parallel.

4. Lixada Fishing Bite Alarm

Best Rod Holder with Alarm

This rod holder is ideal for people in the UK who like to fish for carp. You can set your rod in the groove of the alarm, and when the fish bites, it’ll trigger the sensor and make a beep.

You’ll still want to be close to your rod because if the fish is significant, it can pull your rod out of the groove and into the water. They take a 9V battery, so make sure you have some spares.

5. KUFA SPORTS Fishing Rods Tripod Stand

Best Fishing Rod Tripod Stand

Sometimes you want a little more flexibility in how to position your rods. Therefore a tripod stand might be your ticket since it allows you to easily adjust the three legs to exactly how you want them to be.

Plus, having three legs makes it, so you don’t have to push the anchor into the ground. This tripod can support five fishing rods simultaneously.

DIY Rod Holders

We always recommend checking rod holders on eBay because sometimes you’ll find good deals there.

Let’s learn how to make a fishing rod holder at home so we don’t have to buy them. Fishing rod holders homemade generally means one crucial thing you can’t get from purchasing gear online – the ability to tailor your build to your exact needs.

You generally have two options, avoid building your products cheaply or go for a serious project with expensive hardware.

Here’s a good video on one that we think is crazy-engineered but will likely last forever if you take care of it.

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Question

How to make fishing rod holders?

The easiest way to make one is to use bent metal wiring that is sturdy enough to hold your rod in place above the shore. If you have access to the PVC pipe, you can also use that to form the holder and use metal bolts to create anchor points below.
However, if you have access to severe tools, you can make a custom holder that fits your exact reel and rod setup.

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