The Best Dive Stringers for Spearfishing in 2021

The best dive stringers offer more activity underwater. Stringers give you more chances to catch fish.

When you’re deep diving for a fish, you want to maximize and enjoy your time hunting your catch. Going back up the surface to secure it each time you get a fish will cost you a lot of time and energy.

best dive stringers
Stringers give you more activity time when spearfishing. Source: Youngblood Fishing

Stringers help you get the best spearfishing experience as it makes your catch easier to drag. Unlike when you’re stuffing the fish inside a big mesh bag, you carry the fish’s dead weight.

When spearfishing, a catch is not a sure one if you still haven’t secured the fish. Here are the best fish stringers for your next dive. 

7 Best Dive Stringers for 2021 Reviewed

1. Riffe

Riffe Fish Stringer w/ Quick Clip for Scuba Diving and Spearfishing
  • RIFFE's Fish Stringer with or without Quick Clip keeps your...

One of the best ways to securely lock your catch is through the Riffe Spearfish Stringer. You can clip it to your belt clip point for convenience. Although this is not advisable when fishing in waters with possible shark encounters.

This stringer is of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable. The price of this cable can match the convenience of your catch. At the end of the day, you can choose a stringer that will help you perform better, one that is a convenient type.

2. Rogue Endeavor 

Rogue Endeavor Large Stainless Steel Game Clip System + Stainless Core Coiled Lanyard for Kayak Fishing, Spearfishing & Scuba Diving (Gray)
  • Clip is constructed of rugged 304 Stainless Steel for long...
  • Mirror polish finish is optimized for fresh or saltwater...
  • Ideal for all fishing styles including kayak fishing, spear...

The Rogue Endeavor is of high-quality, durable, and light-weight materials. The stainless steel clip is large to accommodate most game fish and to last long in water activity. This stringer is ideal for all fishing types.

The mirror polish finish fits fresh and saltwater fishing conditions. The 36″ extension of the lanyard caters a 360-degree buckle and clip end securing the catch easily. It also has a quick-release retention system enabling you to unclip the lanyard and reconnect the hook to your kayak.

The system of this stringer meets the demands of anglers when it comes to product performance and trust.

3. Berkley 

Kayak Stringer

Berkley 15-Feet Deluxe Cord Stringer with SS S
  • Braided Polypropylene construction for durability
  • Stainless steel snaps are easy to release, yet hold securely
  • Tapered needle for easy stringing

The braided polypropylene cable makes the stringer durable and useful for the best spearfishing experience. The easy-release stainless steel snaps hold the fish securely into the cable.

This heavy-duty stringer has a tapered needle and tangle-free swivels for easy stringing and reduced twisting. You can use this stringer in any type of spearfishing situation as it holds up great and proves to be resistant to rust when used in saltwater.

Berkeley offers the best of it all; performance and reliability at the right price. 

4. Foreverlast

ForEverlast Generation 5 Pro-Style Tangle-Free Fishing Stringer
  • Snag-free cable system to avoid tooth snag
  • 10-foot, tangle-free smooth rubber cord
  • Quick release system on the cork end for easy removal and...

Foreverlast Stringer has a snag-free cable system and a 10-foot tangle-free smooth cord. It also has a quick-release system on the cork to remove and cull the fish easily. The pins at each end are stainless steel that makes for a sturdy and durable stringer.

True to its name, Foreverlast stringer can last for years. The price is worth it as it ensures a dozen creek monsters despite it being bulky during your dive. 

5. Hammerhead 

Hammerhead stringer has a braided stainless cable and an 8-inch stainless rod. This stringer is one of the best as it is solid and durable. The length of the line is long enough to loop behind your belt when spearfishing.

This other end of this stringer is perfect for hooking to your dive flag, as well. This is one of the stringers that are well built and easy to use in any type of spearfishing situation. 

6. Salvimar

SALVIMAR Mono Fish Stringer Black
  • Stringer with nylon line
  • Stainless steel
  • Weight belt clip

This Italian brand of fish stringer has nylon lines and two crimps. Its stringer system is complete with stainless steel poker, monofilament, crimps, and weight belt clip. You can string as many as seven fish in this stringer. 

7. Pelengas

Pelengas Spearfishing Nylon Fish Stringer
  • sparfishing acessoires
  • fish stinger
  • fishing acessoires

This stringer is a good addition to your fishing accessories as it is resistant to rust or corrosion. It has a long braided rope of 1000mm and a needle of 210 mm in length. The braided rope’s diameter is 3mm. It works great when spearfishing as you can attach it on the weight belt for easier and convenient hunting.

How to Choose a Dive Stringer

With the varieties of stringers available, certain stringers are best for certain fish. Choosing which stringer to add to your gear will depend on the fish you plan to hunt. Any stringer can handle fish with regular strength, but other fish struggle a lot.

If you use a less sturdy stringer for fish that put up a great fight, chances are you will lose your prey. When dealing with bigger fish, you need to use a reliable stringer that can handle their strength. Spring lock stringers are usually best for bigger and stronger fish. 

Make Your Own Spearfishing Stringer

How To Make Super Strong Fish Stringers, Fast & Easy!

To make a do-it-yourself stringer, you will need a few things.

  • Penn Crimper
  • 200lb Mono
  • Stringer
  • Line Saver
  • Torch
  • Flush Cuts
  1. Measure the mono around your waist to get an estimate as to where it clips on top of your dive belt
  2. Put one crimp on top of your mono and feed it through the stringer. Make a loop, and put it right back through the crimp. Make a small loop before clipping the crimp down
  3. Get your line saver and feed it through the mono. Note the edge before you pull out your line and put some slack for your loop on the other side
  4. Feed the line through again. There should be an extra line where you will put your crimp and make a loop. After you’ve made a loop, crimp it down

How to Use

Stringers are true to their name as they allow the fish to string along with you while you’re on the hunt for more catch. Using them is as easy as counting with your fingers. You may have the option to attach one end on your boat or dive flag and the other for your catch.

There are many ways to clip a fish in your stringer. One, you can let the string go in their mouth through their gills and tie it, but this does not allow the fish to swim freely. Another way is to punch a hole at the floor of their mouth through the hook clip, making it easier for them to swim.

Why Use A Stringer

Stringers are one of the few gears you can bring that will give you the best spearfishing experience. They make your time underwater, convenient, easy, and fun. It also helps keep your fish alive, so they remain fresh if you plan to catch and cook them.

Some stringers may come at a price, but they all enhance your spearfishing trip. Stringers help you save your time and effort from going back up the surface every time you catch a fish. Also, it enables you to track your catch and secure them while on the hunt for more fish. 

Insider Advice

The best spearfishing stringer will give you the best and convenient spearfishing experience. But there are considerations on using a stringer for your fish. Keep in mind to research the water you will dive in.

If there’s even a little possibility of a shark swimming nearby, you should let go of the idea of bringing a stringer. You don’t want a couple of fish stringing along in your dive as this makes you bait the predator sharks to take a bite.

Considering a net bag to store your fish is better than having a stringer attached to you if this is the case.

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