5 Best Full Face Scuba Mask in 2023

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If you’re looking to buy the best full face scuba mask, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve reviewed 5 of the best full face masks. There is a vast range of options, but our favorites are based on quality, price, and customer reviews.

You deserve the best gear possible when diving into the water – they’re all great choices with different features depending on what you need from your mask.

If you’re on a budget, check out the following inexpensive scuba recommendations.

Best Full Face Scuba Mask

1. OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

Best Overall

Key Features

  • Low profile 180-degree panoramic visor that offers a great amount of visibility
  • Double seal for more face types to help maintain and regulate your nose breathing
  • ABV valve assures you can preserve your air supply when you are at the surface
  • Contains two chambers keeping your breathing and vision separate
  • Available in multiple colors

This model’s structure comes from OTS’s’ 60 years of experience as a reputable diving gear manufacturer. More so, the full face masks also come with a spare mask bag with large drain holes to the bottom and a vent screen to the top.

2. Dräger Panorama Nova Dive Sport

Best Value

Key Features

  • Coldwater certified
  • Large and wide visor offers a wide panoramic view 
  • Known for its 5-point head harness and double seal surfaces on the mask body
  • Has three connection possibilities for the regulator and the communications

This model comes in four different versions. You can also find a port for mechanical low-pressure that will help you warn of the low remaining air pressure. An additional ambient breathing valve in the mask also expels water that gets into the mask.

3. OCEAN REEF Unisex Integrated

Angler’s Favorite

Key Features 

  • Coldwater certified
  • Multi-directional (4 positions) exhaust surface valve
  • Comes with IDM that is fully customizable to your personalization 
  • The smart second-stage integrated regulator only releases air when you breathe
  • Includes space for a communication device ideal for professional divers

The IDM feature in this Ocean Reef mask has it all at once! Because this is fully customizable, scuba divers can also add a corrective optical lens placed against the visor. 

4. Scubapro Full-Face Diving Mask

Most Comfortable

Key Features

  • Features a compartment that separates the nose and mouth
  • Comes with a dual-lens mask and mineral anti-fogging treated lenses offering a clear view
  • Made from stainless steel with quick-adjust and positive-lock buckles for safety and comfort
  • Possible for direct inhalation with or without an internal mouthpiece 
  • Five-point strap system to perfectly and comfortably fit the face 

The one-way surface air valve in this model provides an optional alternate air source adapter. What’s more, the silicone skirt is also chemically resistant, preventing damage when you’re diving in contaminated waters. 

5. Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full-Face Mask Emerald

Most Affordable

Key Features 

  • Has an integrated second-stage regulator with a 3/8″ threaded 80 cm low-pressure hose
  • The spring effect allows the mask to float comfortably on the face
  • Six adjustable head straps of the head harness hold the mask firmly
  • Available in two sizes and multiple colors

This full mask is molded from high-quality silicone rubber with a spring profile and large double-sized sealing to provide you with a very comfortable mask. Besides, the looks of this model are, no doubt, ahead of the others on the market.

You’ll get the best of both worlds as this is also just as effective in performance, and commercial divers prefer Ocean Reef Predator. 

best full face scuba mask
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Things To Consider When Buying the Best Full Face Scuba Mask


The features present in full face diving masks are worth the investment, especially prioritizing your safety. You will also find yourself enjoying the enhancement of your experience when wearing a scuba diving mask.

Many are expensive due to their durability and reliability. Each mask has surely undergone standard procedures and passed professional and safety standards.

Please remember that other masks of cheap copies probably have not undergone standards-compliant testing.


Available in various sizes, adapter ports can be installed to your IDM as a second air source. In this way, you don’t have to switch or bail out to a conventional mask if your primary fails. 

Purging System

This button is pressed to free your regulator from the water. So, this is a necessary feature on your masks in case you have insufficient breath left.

Coldwater Certified

Get one with cold water certification to ensure that your mask works great even in a harsh environment.

Aside from mentally dealing with the harmful effects of extreme temperatures, having the proper exposure protection can guarantee your safety. It also increases the enjoyment you get when diving in cold water while keeping your face warm.


Choose one with the best underwater communication system. It’s highly fascinating as this enhances your diving experience to communicate with your dive buddy. 


You can’t deny that however “lightweight” it is, a full-face mask is still heavier than a traditional dive mask. It comes down to your preference. 

Pros and Cons of Full-Face Scuba Mask


One of the top reasons many commercial and scientific divers would opt for a full-face scuba mask is communication.

You’ll surely enjoy communicating with your dive buddies while underwater. Also, you’ll see that most of these masks have a larger and wider field of vision. 

For the whole duration of your dive, you’re less likely to hold a regulator and mouthpiece, which means you will not get jaw fatigue or dental issues.

Lastly, full-face scuba masks feature numerous adjustable head straps. These straps need to be fastened tightly to your head, providing a more secure fit. 


It’s known that full face masks, especially with more straps, are more difficult to put on properly. You must also be cautious to fasten each strap tight enough to prevent them from falling off or flooding the mask.

These are indeed less likely to flood than the traditional masks. However, it can still happen. And when it happens, it’s harder to clear due to the greater amount of water. Additionally, natural breathing might be compromised.

Even though the advancement of technology offers a long list of benefits, what happens when the intercom system fails?

Or what happens when the last and only option you have is to go without it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use full face scuba masks?

The face scuba diving masks are safe and designed to be used at depth. This makes them safer to use than a face snorkel mask.

How does a full face scuba mask work?

The air inside a face dive mask keeps circulating to separate the fresh air coming in and the carbon dioxide you’re breathing out.
This process helps you prevent inhaling the carbon dioxide back into your body. There’s a tube that is essential to regulate your breathing. The middle section is the pathway for the fresh air coming down to the mask.
As you breathe out, there are different surface air valves for the carbon dioxide to go through. In this way, the valves keep oxygen in the mask at a safe and steady rate.
A valve is present on top of the tube to prevent water from getting into your mask. Additionally, another valve at the bottom of the mask allows any water inside to drain out.

Are full face scuba masks dangerous?

Not all full-face masks are dangerous. Neither are they all safe. A full-face mask is safe to use if the mask design is correct and the specs are working. That’s why it’s important to choose properly.
Always check if it includes a one-way breathing system. Verify if they are placed both in the snorkel. The orinasal mask section must make a good seal on your entire face.
Dr. Vinisha Ranna conducted a new pilot study that said jaw or dental issues for divers should be taken more seriously. A regular visit to the dentist may alleviate underwater dental issues.

Are full face scuba masks better?

Full face dive masks are better than most commercial divers and recreational divers especially if you need to communicate throughout the face mask diving. 

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