11 Best Kayak Accessories in 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

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Before heading out to the waters, make sure that you have everything you need.

Check your tools and equipment to see if they are complete and in good condition. Make sure they are durable and handy. You wouldn’t want to carry a large item with you in your kayak that ends up being useless, would you?

For this reason, I rounded up the best kayak accessories you can get for 2023. These, in my experience, are the best options in the market.

Whether it is for ocean kayak, kayak fishing, or even whitewater kayaks, these kayak fishing accessories will surely help you aside from your kayak paddle. Read on for more useful information when buying accessories and kayaking gear.

Best Kayak Accessories in 2023

1. TMS Canoe & Kayak Cart Trolley Carrier

Best Canoe or Kayak Carrier Tote Trolley

Key Features

  • Has large 9 ½” diameter flat-free tires that could support up to 150 pounds of weight that can roll smoothly on sand and gravel
  • Made of aluminum pipe anodized stainless steel for better durability
  • Equipped with foam bumpers on each arm for better kayak protection
  • Dolly breaks down for easy storage and transport

Easily transport your kayak or canoe from your car’s roof racks to the lake with this durable and portable canoe and kayak dolly. Its V-shaped cradle is specifically designed to hold a kayak/canoe with 3 ½ inches of foam bumpers on each arm.

A 13-inch nylon strap connects the cradle arms together, preventing them from opening too wide. Its 9 ½ inches diameter flat-free tires are made to provide stability and support when transporting your kayak from one place to another.

It is one of the most reliable kayak trailers out there. It could roll easily on uneven surfaces like gravel or sand. Lastly, this dolly is foldable, so you can quickly stow it away after use without sacrificing too much space in your storage.

2. Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor

Best Folding Anchor

Key Features

  • Has a four fluke folding anchor that is 3 1/3 pounds in weight
  • It can hold mud, sand, gravel, and rock
  • Best for boats, sailboats, canoes, inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, and even float tubes
  • 25-foot marine-grade rope
  • Has a durable nylon padded storage case for better protection

As an angler, it is essential to keep your kayak or canoe still. This 3 1/3 pound 4-fluke folding anchor can do that job for you perfectly well. This kayak gear can hold in mud, sand, gravel, and rock. Moreover, it is specially designed for boats, sailboats, inflatable boats, canoes, and kayaks’ temporary mooring.

Its size is perfect for stowing under your kayak seat compartment next to the kayak paddle float. It has a durable nylon storage case padded for extra protection and dampens noise when storing under kayak seats.

And if that’s not enough for quality, this anchor also has a 25-foot marine-grade rope with an in-line buoy attached to it, with a heavy-duty snap hook.

3. SealLine Black Canyon Waterproof Dry Pack

Best Waterproof Dry Pack

Key Features

  • Designed with 100% waterproof PVC-free materials with welded seams
  • Has a DrySeal roll-top enclosure for better sealing and waterproof protections
  • Padded shoulder straps provide better comfort when carrying heavy loads
  • Has a waist belt for lumbar support
  • It can carry up to 115 liters and only weighs 10 ounces

Anglers like us spend most of their time in the middle of a large body of water. The probability of getting our belongings wet is high. That is why a durable, waterproof dry bag is essential to keep our things safe.

The SealLine Black Canyon Waterproof Backpack is a 100% waterproof bag made with PVC-free materials with welded seams. Its DrySeal roll-top closure provides better sealing and protection from water.

Aside from its impenetrable design, this kayak gear backpack also offers padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for better support. Thus, you can carry heavier loads for a longer time. It is designed to withstand rain, splashes, and quick submersions and will float when dropped in water.

In dry bags, your things will surely be safe and secured from being drenched. This bag could go up to a 115-liter capacity.

4. Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

Best Sports Life Vest

Key Features

  • Has a mesh lower back that fits high back seats
  • Has shoulder adjustments with pads made of neoprene material
  • SOLAS-grade reflective material for visibility
  • Expandable zippered pockets
  • Made with heavy-duty nylon fabric and lightweight floatation foam
  • Whistle attachment
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type III Life Jacket
  • Good kayak life jacket for fishing

Safety must be your priority when going into the waters. Having reliable kayak gear could literally save your life. With a sculpted flexible foam design that conforms to your body, the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic vest proves to be one of the best vests on the market.

Its kayak life jacket design is U.S. Coast Guard-approved. It is made of heavy-duty nylon fabrics that can resist tears and punctures. It is available in different sizes to accommodate all body types. It also features mesh panels for proper ventilation and drainage and to keep your back cool.

Lastly, it has a whistle attachment and a SOLAS-grade reflective material for added safety and visibility.

Also, check out our article on the best life jackets!

5. Suspenz Big EZ Rack

Best Kayak Rack

Key Features

  • Nylon-covered foam pads
  • Stores boats & boards on their side for better protection
  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Like any of your belongings, you should also take care of your boats, kayaks, and canoes when you are not using them. The EZ Rack is one of the best investments you could have for yourself and your boat.

With its more oversized design, it can now hold larger personal watercraft, boats, and boards. This kayak gear has a nylon-covered padded surface that protects from scratches while securely keeping your kayak or boat in place (using the safety straps). This is good for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS Navigator

Best Handheld GPS Navigator

Key Features

  • Has a preloaded worldwide base map with a 2.2-inch monochrome display
  • WAAS enabled GPS receiver with HotFix and GLONASS support
  • Waterproof to IPX7 standards 
  • Can track high and low elevation points to estimate time and distance between points

Pathfinding could be a challenging task for anglers, especially for beginners. The eTrex 10 is an excellent tool for navigating the big waters, making it a great sea kayaking gear.

It is a handheld navigation device with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a 2.2-inch monochrome display. And with its preloaded worldwide base map, it becomes easier for anglers and navigators alike to see where you are and where you have been.

7. Fox 40 Classic Whistle

Best Whistle

Key Features

  • Has a simple, lightweight, and durable design
  • It has a sound power of 113dB that can be heard up to a mile away
  • 3-chamber pealess whistles

Aside from a trusty vest, a reliable whistle can save your life if unfortunate incidents happen. The Fox 40 Classic Whistle is perfect in a way that it is handy and powerful. Its high-pitched trill with a sound power of 114 decibels that can be heard over long distances.

This kayak gear is made of synthetic material that is good for water activities like kayaking. Make sure to keep one attached to your body at all times.

8. Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch

Best GPS Watch

Key Features

  • 1.2 inches chroma display that is visible under sunlight
  • Water rated up to 10ATM/100 meters
  • Omni-directional steel Exo antenna
  • Wifi capability for syncing data with other Garmin products and software
  • ·Features a rechargeable battery that could last up to 6 weeks, depending on usage

If you don’t want a handheld GPS, a GPS watch could be your alternative. You have nothing to worry about storing it somewhere in your boat, as it is already attached to your arm.

The Garmin Fenix 3 offers a great GPS navigational system. This fishing kayaking gear has a 1.2 inches chroma display that is visible under direct sunlight. Depending on usage, its rechargeable battery could last up to 6 weeks before charging it again.

9. CreekKooler Floating Cooler

Best Floating Cooler

Key Features

  • Two-inch insulation in the hull and deck for longer ice retention
  • 30-quart capacity
  • It’s towable to small watercrafts
  • Has four molded drink holders located on the deck

Kayaking or fishing could take hours. It is best to bring some nourishment with you while in the middle of the lake or sea kayaking. The CreekKooler floating cooler offers a big compartment that could store plenty of refreshments for you to take with you while kayaking.

The best part is that it is towable! You could just attach it to your watercraft and just go about your business. This fishing kayak gear saves you a lot of space and gives you a lot of storage.

Its insulation could retain ice for up to 48 hours. It is also perfect for a camping trip after a day in the waters.

10. COR Board Racks Wall Storage Sling

Best Wall Storage Sling

 Key Features

  • Flexible padded nylon sling
  • Can handle ANY weight
  • Adjustable straps to fit your watercraft
  • Easy installation

If you don’t have much space for a big fishing kayak or board rack in your home or garage, a storage sling might be your best alternative. This COR Storage sling has padded nylon slings with adjustable straps to fit whatever small watercraft you may be storing.

It’s also effortless to install and can visibly handle any weight.

11. RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II w/TracLoader SidePort

Best Rod Holder

Key Features

  • Rotating collar to reduce ‘strike-theft’
  • Leash attachment point
  • Rear gimble lock to reduce rod rotation for compatible rods
  • Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical

As anglers, our best weapon of choice is fishing rods. And what better way to secure those rods than having sturdy and functional rod holders, perfect for fishing kayaks?

The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II has a rotating collar made to reduce strike-theft. It also has a rear gimbal lock, so any compatible rods would be secured in place.

It is fully adjustable to suit your needs. It could just sit on top kayaks, and you could rest while waiting for your next bite.

best kayak accessories
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What Should I Look For When Buying the Best  Accessories?


Portability should be one of your concerns. Having small and handy kayak accessories could give you more space and more function. You wouldn’t want to carry too much baggage when going in deep waters.


Safety first. Make sure that all your equipment and accessories are durable and functioning. You rely on these tools to survive, especially when you are alone. So make sure that everything is working and in good condition.

Ease of Use

It should help you, not hinder you. Make sure that whatever you are carrying with you while kayaking is what you need. Leave the unnecessary things on land.

This way, you will have a better sense of where you placed which item, so you’ll quickly know where to reach when you need them. Keep emergency tools near you, and always familiarize yourself with how to use them.


Weatherproof everything if possible. Weatherproofing means preparing your things for any type of climate or weather. Your equipment and accessories should be able to function correctly in any situation. 


Suppose you are an angler like me with a penchant for kayaking and fishing. You may want to get the above-mentioned best kayaking accessories. They will make your kayaking life a lot easier. And always remember, preparation is critical.

Some other accessories that are also worth investing in include the best paddle for kayak fishing, kayak paddle floats, and a strong kayak paddle leash. Your safety and enjoyment will depend mainly on how prepared you are when you go into the waters. Be safe and happy fishing!

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