9 Best Redfish Lures & Baits in 2023

Fishing for redfish can be difficult, but they’re a popular fish found everywhere with warm enough water, such as the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida.

If you’ve got the correct lures and bait, you’re sure to catch one if you’re near these bodies of water.

Redfish are a popular target for many saltwater anglers due to their widespread distribution and aggression. These fish inhabit a wide range of locations, from deep offshore wrecks to muddy flats with six inches of water and everything in between. 

This fish is not particularly picky when it comes to the type of lure. However, not every bait out there is suitable for redfish fishing. That is why it is always essential to have a selection of the best redfish lures on hand.

The Best Redfish Baits and Lures

The best natural baits to use are live or fresh cut shrimp. If you intend to fish in just about any situation, this is the best bait.

Casting a dead shrimp on a jigging spoon works pretty well as well. There are many different ways to catch reds, but catching one with natural bait is always effective.

However, if you are not very experienced at catching fish, buying artificial bait is probably the best option. There are many different artificial lures out there with different colors and shapes that attract redfish the most. 

Here are the best redfish lures and baits.

best redfish lures
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1. Shrimp

One of the most effective ways to catch the best redfish is by using live shrimp. Fresh dead shrimp is also a good bait for redfish when you are fishing from a boat. This bait is not messy and much easier to handle.

The redfish typically attack shrimp when they see them being thrown on the hook and are attracted to the shrimp’s movement in the water.

2. Crab

Fresh crab is always great for redfish fishing. Although crabs are hard to find in shallow water and they can be difficult to pick up.

Typically, you will want to bait redfish with sand crabs rather than mud crabs as the former will sink to the bottom to provide the best hunting surface, and the latter will only find cover under water holes. 

The best crabs for redfish fishing include:

  • Fiddler crabs
  • Blue crabs
  • Hermit crabs

3. Soft Plastic Swimbait

Using soft plastic swimbait is one of the easiest fishing techniques to master. With a soft plastic, you can fish deep or shallow, wherever the fish are, and never lose your edge. These swimbaits will bring you much success if you know how to use them properly. 

This lure for redfish is most effective, especially when catching redfish in deeper water and thick vegetation.

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4. Weedless Spoon

The weedless spoons type of lure is made with a metal weed guard designed for long casts. It is specially designed such that it will not roll or twist your line.

This is one of the most versatile and successful redfish fishing lures you can have in your tackle box.

These fishing lures can be trolled, jigged, or twitched on the bottom, and they will catch anything that swims. It is one of the most effective, time-tested, and simple fishing lures for catching redfish.

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5. Soft Plastic Jerk bait

Jerk baits are designed to mimic injured fish and also give the angler control over the bait. The two common characteristics used with these baits are the hard-bodied and soft plastic jerk bait techniques.

A soft plastic jerk bait is a favorite of redfish anglers everywhere. It is flexible while casting, and the extra weight helps to control your reel. This type of bait is also known as flukes. They’re commonly used for bass fishing.

These baits are ideal in shallow and deep water due to their fishing ability at high speeds. Their soft texture not only gives them a natural appearance but also enhances their movement.

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6. Skimmer Jig

The skimmer jig is a type of fishing lure that is used in saltwater and freshwater bass fishing. These lures are most often thrown by floating them in the middle of the water column, which will allow the bait to stay just off the bottom for a bit longer before it is snatched up.

Once the bait is dragged through the water, it disturbs it, and it also creates a stirring motion, which will attract redfish. This lure is particularly good in stained water or muddy water, where the hungry redfish cannot easily see.

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7. Plastic Shrimp

Lately, plastic shrimp has become a popular fishing bait and also one of the best artificial baits. Redfish like the taste and texture of shrimp, and using them as baits will surely earn you a catch. These baits can be used in the same way as other kinds.

Using artificial bait to catch redfish requires patience and being at the right place at the right time. Some of the advantages of using plastic shrimp for catching more redfish include:

  • The fish do not eat them up
  •  Are cheaper compared to live bait like live minnows
  • They are not messy on your hands

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8. Topwater Lure

Topwater lures can be very effective in catching fish in varying conditions of water quality, temperature, depth, and pressure.

This lure is available in different sizes and weights. Some are excellent for catching large fish because they’re sized to move slowly in moderate current or slow-moving water.

A topwater lure is usually made of an imitation of the natural food sources the fish would normally eat. Most lures, however, use some sort of plastic or natural bait, like a piece of shrimp or some kind of worm. 

The lure has a few functional advantages over other great redfish lures like jigs, spoons, and crankbaits. Some topwater redfish lures create a clinking sound underwater which draws fish to the top of the water column where the lure is in place.

Other redfish lures have a glow which gives the lure some visibility in the water, especially in the dark of night. The lure can also move at the speed of the fish when it is in the water, which makes them effective for catching redfish.

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9. Soft-Plastic Jig

Soft plastic jigs are the best fishing material because they come in many different types. Jigs can be made of 1/8- to ½-ounce graphite; they are great for catching baitfish and stripers. They are also great as redfish lures.

Jigs can be made of different colors and sizes. You can purchase soft plastic jigs at any tackle shop. Most beginners who are just getting into soft plastics should start with the lightest jig, which floats and is easily cast into shallow water. 

Many times, the jig color that floats the best is called “bright.” It usually comes in two main varieties; chartreuse and white. Chartreuse is darker in color, while white is usually a little lighter.

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