6 Best Sit In Fishing Kayaks of 2023

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One of the important choices anglers must make is picking between a sit inside or sit on top kayak. Most of us choose the sit on top design, but the other has some benefits worth considering.

A sit in kayak is made for new and veteran anglers. It provides a lightweight alternative and gives better maneuverability, unlike sit on top kayaks.

If you’re a new angler, you’re probably having a hard time picking the right one for you. We’ve listed the best ones out there to help you find the best sit in fishing kayak for you!

Best Sit In Fishing Kayaks of 2023

Sit in fishing kayaks are a huge category, and they are the prevalent choice among anglers. To help you choose, I’ve listed the best ones here:

1. Pelican Recreational Sit-in Kayak

Best Ergonomic Seat

Key Features

  • Premium knee pads and a large cockpit
  • Has ERGOCOAST™ portable seating system
  • Lightweight design

If comfort is your main concern, then we recommend the Pelican Argo 100XR Cosmos. This sit inside kayak has trademarked ERGOCOAST seating and a big cockpit. It provides extra support and the right comfort level while fishing. It is also lightweight for easy transport in and out of water.

Pelican also added two rigging tracks where you could put on some fishing accessories or a camera. You can also find a bottle cage and a cup holder in this kayak for your drinks and other valuables.

The kayak’s twin-arched multi-chine hull is constructed from Ram-X™ PREMIUM. The design guarantees great maneuverability, tracking, stability, and speed.

2. Pelican Recreational Performance Sit-in Kayak

Best For Intermediate Anglers

Key Features

  • Built-in keel extension
  • Stern bulkhead for extra flotation
  • Cockpit table with a 4-inch day hatch and bottle cage

Another great kayak from Pelican, the Sprint XR, is made specifically for intermediate anglers. It has a deep V-chine hull and a stern bulkhead for extra flotation. Anyone who enjoys fishing will appreciate its ERGOFLEX G2. This seating system will give greater comfort due to the adjustable backrest cushion and padded seat cushion.

The kayak also features an extended keel that helps it track more efficiently and smoothly in the right direction. If you’re looking for a sit inside kayak with a lot of storage, we recommend this one.

It has a cockpit table with a 4-inch day hatch that can carry your belongings. Moreover, you can put your beverages in the bottle cage for easy storage and retrieval.

3. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

Best in Storage Space

Key Features

  • Oval Orbix stern hatch and functional dashboard
  • Patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system
  • Slidelock XL Footbrace System

If you’re finding a good storage capacity, we highly recommend the Pungo 120 by Wilderness Systems. It has the Orbix stern hatch at the rear that’s perfect for storing your catch or your lunch.

It also has a functional dashboard with cup holders and a small hatch to keep your phones from getting wet. You can also secure your fishing gear with the bungee cords found at the kayak’s stern and bow.

Other than storage, the Pungo 120 also has the innovative slide lock XL for adjustable foot braces. Moreover, Wilderness Systems equipped this kayak with its patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system for maximum comfort.

4. Pelican 10’ Argo 100X Sit-Inside Kayak

Best For Its Spacious Cockpit

Key Features

  • Adjustable Ergoform™ padded backrest with seat cushion
  • Rear tank well and front storage hatch
  • Lightweight and portable

Pelican 10’ Argo 100X is known for its large cockpit. The cockpit measures 50 x 24.5 inches, making anglers not feel any constriction while fishing. It is also equipped with two flush-mounted rod holders and a swivel rod holder. As the other Pelican sit inside kayaks, it has the Ergoform™ seating system. This system provides better ventilation and cushioning.

This easy-to-carry kayak has a good storage hatch to keep your gear safe. You can also fasten those bigger ones with the bungee cords at the rear and bow.

5. BKC SK308 10-Foot Solo Sit in FishingKayak

Best For Beginner Anglers

Key Features

  • Heavy duty with a high maximum capacity
  • Dual dry storage hatches
  • Two flush-mount rod holders
  • Optimal hull length-to-width ratio

Despite its short length, the BKC SK308 can still compete with the big names in the industry. It has a perfect hull length-to-width ratio of 4:1. This ratio makes it easy to maneuver and stabilize it while you cast or reel your fishing rod.

Moreover, you can stash your fishing rods in the flush-mounted rod holder when you’re paddling. It has two storage hatches for storing dry fishing gear or your electronic devices.

6. Terravent Foldable Lightweight Single Sit-in Kayak

Best in Portability and Durability

Key Features

  • Impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Fast assembly and storing time
  • Can reach 4.3-7.5 mph, depending on the angler’s physical strength

The Terravent Foldable Lightweight Single Sit-in Kayak is a top fishing kayak known for its portability. In its folded form, it can only take up the space of a backpack. An angler can assemble this one in less than 9 minutes and fold it back within 4 minutes.

Terravent’s kayak is made from 5mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene. The material makes this great kayak resistant to impact, wear, and corrosion. Anglers can also reach up to 7.5 mph, depending on their physical strength.

best sit in fishing kayak
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What Should I Look for When Buying the Best Sit In Fishing Kayak?

According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, there were 54.7 million anglers in 2020. 6% of which were kayak fishing. If you belong to that percentage, you might want to know the different factors for the right kayak:


The seat gives the optimal paddling position. Most of the best kayaks for fishing have comfortable seats and are sometimes adjustable. Others have well-padded ones and offer ventilation.


There are two kinds of decks to sit in kayaks: closed deck and open deck. Closed decks give a good amount of sun and rain protection. In contrast, opt for an open deck if you want to have a larger storage capacity.


A kayak’s hull makes up the exterior of its cockpit. The hull of a sit-inside fishing kayak should be sturdy enough to withstand bumping into any obstacles.


Footrests or foot braces give an angler’s lower extremity relief from the position they’re in. There are different shapes and sizes, but an adjustable one trumps the rest.

Length and Width

The kayak’s length and width are key to its functionality. Generally, shorter kayaks have more maneuverability, while longer ones are faster. However, depending on the waters you fish in, the length of it will vary.

For smaller bodies of water, such as creeks, choose a shorter one. On the other hand, if you’re fishing in the open ocean, opt for a longer one. This also allows you to store more gear such as fishing rod holders.


The best kayaks provide the highest levels of comfort. Anglers should consider their height and weight when thinking about comfortability. For example, a tall individual will feel constricted if the footrests are too short.


Maximum stability is the key to a great fishing session. Stability is needed when you cast your rod and reel in your catch. However, too much stability equates to less maneuverability. You should find a balance between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sit in fishing kayak?

It’s a type of paddled boat that resembles a traditional one. However, sit-in kayaks have more stability and width to store your gear. You can store fishing rod holders and a portable accessory carrier. They may also come with molded-in rod holders.

What are the advantages of sit in fishing kayaks?

The most notable edge of a sit-inside kayak is it protects kayak fishermen from the elements. Its closed design keeps the water out of the hull. It’s also great with maneuverability and speed.

Is a sit in or sit on kayak better for fishing?

The decision of what’s the best fishing kayak depends on the needs of the angler. If you’re on a limited time, opt for sit-in kayaks because they are much faster. They are also easier to maneuver than sit on top kayaks.


Whether you’re a professional angler or a beginner, you might want to consider having a kayak, especially a sit in one. This type offers maximum stability and maneuverability to sustain hours of fishing. Follow the recommendation provided in this article to get a quality kayak of your own.

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