5 Best Underspin Reels In 2023 (Reviewed & Tested)

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You can’t cast a line far enough to get your bait where it needs to be, and you’re tired of fighting with your reel because it’s too complicated to manipulate.

Nonetheless, you also don’t want to spend a fortune on a new expensive fishing reel, but you need something that will get the job done.

Underspin reels are the best choice for anglers when upgrading their fishing tools. They are easy to use, effective and there are many options from the market, including simple ones and inexpensive ones.

However, the best underspin reel should provide you with all the features based on your needs.

Our Top Picks

5 Best Underspin Reels

1. Zebco 33 Gold Spincast Fishing Reel 

Best Overall Underspin Reel

Key Features:

  • Made of Graphite and Brass and Stainless Steel
  • Can be changeable left- or right-hand retrieve
  •  Has a good spinning reel 4.3:1 gear ratio 

With a three-bearing drive and versatile support that works for both left and right-hand retrieval, this Zebco spincast reel is a one-size-fits-all choice. The gear ratio is 4.3:1, an excellent ratio for a spinning reel with a trigger, particularly for novices.

The reel is constructed of graphite, brass, and stainless steel. These are high-quality materials that make the product robust, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and long-lasting. Apart from the fact that this reel has several useful functions, it also has a reasonable price tag.

2. Abu-Garcia Abumatic 276UI Underspin Series Reel

Best Reel For Smooth Drag System

Key Features:

  • Features a dual rotating swing arm pick up pins which ensure an even line lay
  • Has smooth spool dragging system
  • Comes with Nitride Titanium Line Guide

The easy-to-use line release handle on this lightweight, compact Abumatic 276Ui Underspin Reel enables the reel to work like a closed-face spinning reel.

The ultra-smooth spool drag mechanism of the Abumatic 276Ui Reel offers additional cranking power that every angler can rely on.

More so, Its twin rotating swing-arm reliably gathers line spools for efficient retrieves. It has two-bearing Duragear gears with Instant Anti-Reverse, usually reserved for baitcasting reels of 110 yards of 8 lb. 

3. Daiwa Underspin Reel -XD Series, Trigger-Control Closed-Face Reel 

Best Reel For Larger Game Fish

Key Features:

  • Features a Left or Right Hand retrieve
  • Has Aluminum alloy built for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Has steady drag and reduces backlashes

This reel’s drag is powerful, smooth, and readily adjusted through a rear dial, preventing unwanted changes. More so, it has a trigger-control closed-face reel with an ultra-light action that is ideal for freshwater fishing.

The Underspin Reel XD is available in various sizes, the largest of which is designed for a 12lb line and has an impressive 25.9” per crank retrieval rate.

Aluminum alloy is used to make this trigger control closed-face reel. The body’s alloy construction makes it robust and corrosion-resistant. The titanium nitride line pick-up rotates with the line to reduce wear and make casting simpler.

4. Pflueger PES10SCB President Spincast Fishing Reel 

Best Reel For Smooth Retrieve

Key Features:

  • Has Spool applied drag for better precision
  • Features an instant anti-reverse for more control
  • Made of the Aluminum frame and core dual titanium pins for durability 

The President roll is supplied with five bearings combined with the high gear ratio for a further smooth retrieval under pressure.

What’s more, the closed spinning bucket has a large recovery rate. The reel is constructed of aluminum for resistance against corrosion.

The drag is applied to a spool and is set to an outer dial. When it works, it is sleek, but sometimes it may clog. The capacity of this fishing rod is excellent, and it will be ideal for catching large fish if you obtain a strong one with a well-played dragging mechanism.

5. Daiwa Reel Underspin 14 80 

Best Reel For Sleek Style

Key Features:

  • Has a smooth drag and simple rear adjustability
  • Comes with a high-quality pre-wound premium line
  • Has an easy-to-hold grip and soft-touch rubber knob

This reel is very functional and has a stylish appearance. The entire functionality is excellent and works flawlessly to provide remarkable outcomes.

More so, the product’s hardbody aluminum design makes it very robust and dependable. Even though it is not intended for intensive use, the device is long-lasting and a wise investment.

This underspin reel is ideal for fishing for medium to light species. It is convenient since it is pre-wound and has unique characteristics that make it fluid and smooth functioning. As a result, this product is suitable for both beginners and experts.

best underspin reel
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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Underspin Reels 

You may be asking what it is about spinning reels that make it worthwhile to invest in. Certain very essential aspects must be addressed before investing to limit your choices to the ideal product. 

Have a look at these features so you can get a better understanding.

Drag System

You don’t want your drag system to slide or stick since it will cause chaos on your chances to land a fish. In every situation, it should come off the reel continuously and uniformly.

The capacity of your system should be appropriate for the line on your reel and the species you’re attempting to capture.

The typical peak drag system on underspin reels is approximately 6 pounds, which is modest in the world of reels, although some do extend higher than that.


Fishing reels are classified into four types: spin cast reel, spinning, baitcasting, and underspin or trigger spin. The latter is similar to a spin-cast reel in that it has a closed face, and the line is automatically stretched or retracted.

It makes it extremely simple to use for novices while also durable enough to be used in various fishing scenarios.


For a smoother and more stable line casting, ball bearings or bushings are used within the body of underspin reels. Consider them as small rest stations along the path of your fishing line: they offer support and a higher degree of control.

The number on the bearings system and the gear ratio both relate to the same thing.

More bearings do not always imply a better reel since various variables determine quality. However, the finest underpin reels often have more bearings for more control and smoothness.


The underspin reel’s line may be constructed with a variety of materials. Some are more durable such as aluminum, while others are more adaptable and cost-effective, like plastic.

You must select the kind of line you like based on the size and weight ranges of the fish you intend to capture.


Keep in mind that tougher materials are not always more durable by default. Compared to an aluminum frame in an underspin spin cast reel, a well-made hard plastic compound may have a longer usage life. 

Consider that metal may show more visible scratches and has less built-in flexibility than a specifically manufactured plastic.

On the other hand, metal may be the most environmentally friendly option, so it is up to you to decide what makes the most sense for your needs and tastes.


A hole is located inside the rounded hood of an underspin spincast reel’s closed face. The fishing line leaves the reel via this hole, ready to be thrown for the day’s catch.

Remember that the material used to make them directly affects the price, weight, and durability.


Underspin reels, also known as tiger spin reels, are one of the most flexible choices to consider. They can be used by anyone of any skill level, whether professional or beginner angler.

It is very relevant to the product’s unique design and additional features.

It is due to the unique design and technology that goes into these types of reels. Make sure to select an underspin reel that meets your requirements, particularly in terms of the kind of fish you are catching.

What Are You Fishing?

Finally, you should think about how you want to utilize your new reel. Of course, fishing is included, but what sort of fishing?

If you find yourself going on specialist fishing excursions regularly, it may be a good idea to check into equipment designed specifically for the kind of fishing you like.

Even if you have the finest underspin reel in the world, it will not assist you as much as a fishing reel explicitly designed for the fish you want to catch. 

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What is an underspin reel?

Underspin reels, also known as trigger spin reels, are the improved version of the regular. Spinning reels with trigger functions are simpler to operate, softer on the wrists, and an excellent option for novices.

How do you use an underspin reel?

Unlike other kinds of fishing reels, the underspin reels are activated by a button. Furthermore, the line does not get tangled since the nose is closed, and everything within flows smoothly and effortlessly. It makes it very easy to use, especially for beginner anglers.


The simplicity of the best underspin reel is one of its most appealing features. Thus, trying to use one to upgrade your fishing experience will never be a waste of money. 

And if you want to deal with a reel that can do it all, try our top choice, the Zebco 33 Micro Gold Triggerspin Reel. It’s a durable, well-made trigger spin fishing reel that’s also very flexible and simple to use to achieve reliable performance.

It’s a fantastic trigger spin reel for a novice or experienced anglers seeking a challenge, with a steady drag mechanism, strong retrieve, and enough line capacity.

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