How to Tie a Knotless Knot

The Knotless Knot is famous for carp and catfish fishing because it allows for a longer tag end that can be used to tie and secure your softer dough baits. It’s a snell knot, so if you don’t require the extra tag length, you can cut it and use it for other rigs, such as for halibut fishing.

Here are the steps for tying the knotless knot:

  1. Hold your hook with the point furthest away from you.
  2. Place the line through the eye and pinch against the hook.
  3. Wrap the long end with 5-10 wraps.
  4. Fish the line back through the same side of the hook eye.
  5. Pull the tag end and the main line in opposite directions to lock in the knot.
  6. With the tag end, tie an overhand knot or perfection loop.

Tying the Knotless Knot (Infographic)

knotless knot

How To Tie A Hair Rig

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Advantages Of The Knotless Knot

  • Knotless Knots are great for tying hooks in series.
  • The Knotless Knot is excellent for specific rigs that require a hook to be snelled.
  • With the loop at the end of the knot behind the hook, you can attach different baits like boilies.
  • With a fully-exposed hook, you can also self-hook a fish if tied correctly.

Disadvantages Of The Knotless Knot

  • If you don’t know how to tie a hair rig, then you risk the possibility of having the bait wrap around the mainline and rendering the Hair Rig useless. 
  • When tying a hook, make sure you do enough wraps to hold the shank.

Alternatives To The Knotless Knot

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tie a carp hair rig?

Create an overhand loop fishing knot, then put the tag end through the eye. Wrap the mono or thread around the shank at least five times, then fish the tag end back through the eye of the hook. Moisten and pull the loop end and the tag ends tightly to secure it in its final resting position.

How do you make knotless knots?

You make a knotless knot by doing a series of wraps over the tag end of the line that’s resting on the shank of the hook, then locking down the other end by putting it through the eye of the hook.

How do you tie a knotless hair rig?

Follow the fishing instructions above.

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