13 Novelty Fishing Gifts for Fishermen

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When giving a gift to someone, make sure the gift has an element of fun mixed in with practicality and utility. 

Sure, you could get your angler buddy an ordinary fishing pole or even a GoPro camera to record his search for the big prize and also his exploits on the water. 

But why not go out on a limb and give him something that he’ll never forget? If you need help with choosing, here are novelty fishing gifts you could get for anglers.

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13 Novelty Fishing Gifts for Fishermen

1. I’d Rather Be Fishing Socks

Made with 85% cotton and a 5% soft blend of elastic and spandex, these socks give luxurious comfort to your feet. It is great for fishing on dry land. Now you can fish in style! A functional and fashionable way to show off your love of fishing anytime, anywhere.

With its one-size-fits-most sizing, it sizes most men’s feet in the US 6-13 and most women’s feet 7; plus, these comfy socks are machine washable and will last a long period.

This is a funny fishing gift that you could get for your angler friend, your boss, dad, brothers, or sisters to wear while they’re out on an afternoon of fishing. Make their day with a pair of cool, unique, and great novelty gifts.

2. Sorry I Missed Your Call Was On Other Line Men Fishing T-Shirt

With its quality fabric, it’s machine washable and is available in ten different colors. The shirt also features a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. 

It is lightweight and has a classic look to it. This fishing tee makes an excellent gift for anglers of all ages and genders. They’ll absolutely love wearing it while they’re out on a fishing trip or even while hanging out at home.

In addition to being a cool-looking shirt. It is a great gift idea for holidays or occasions. It’s made of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester making it soft and breathable even if you wear it all day long during the summer season.

3. Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

This gift is perfect for all ages. Let your favorite angler relax after a long day of casting with a little fishing game in their own bathroom. This game comes with a mat, a rod, a do not disturb sign, a bowl, and a fish, who says fishing in the toilet while taking care of your business is not a thing?

It is great for avid anglers who spend a lot of time in the bathroom after a day out on the water! Not only that, this product is sure to make many kids happy in or outside the bathroom.

4. Mini Portable Pocket Aluminum Alloy Fishing Rod Pen

The world’s smallest fishing rod makes it easy to fish anywhere, anytime. It’s pen-shaped and can also serve as a fully functional rod. 

Its durable aluminum alloy makes sure that you can extend and retract it at will anytime. When extended, you’ll have yourself a full-length pen or fishing pole! When closed, you’ve got a small and convenient writing utensil or high-tech keychain. 

This mini rod is simple to handle, durable, and is a perfect gift for fishing fans of all skill levels. You’ll enjoy many hours of fishing fun with these extremely portable rods, which come in packs of two. 

When fully extended, they can measure up to 6 feet. To close, push down on both ends of the pen and twist; it will quickly transform into a normal-looking pen. Additionally, it comes in five colors, black, blue, red, golden, and silver.

5. Fishing Tumbler

This cup is the perfect gift for men. It’s double-walled to keep your drinks cold or hot. The ceramic material makes it extra durable and sturdy. Your angler friend/s can sip their drink from anywhere from the tumbler without having to tip it over. It is a gift that your buddies would remember as they would probably use it often. 

It will come in handy when boating or sitting around a campfire with friends or family. This comes in two different colors to match any décor or personality; black or red. Let your buddy/s experience another level of drinking with this product.

Plus, it has a nice BPA-free lid that you can easily flip open to access your beverage. If you know someone who loves to go fishing, they need to have one of these tumblers as part of their collection! 

It’s extremely useful for day trips out on their boat or just hanging out at home. Not to mention, it’s practical and looks great, too, so get one today!

6. I can’t work today Shirt

These tees were developed and printed in the United States. They are screen printed using cutting-edge technology that ensures brilliant colors and long-term durability. This hilarious tee is ideal as a present for any occasion.

Prepare to have a good time with this graphic tee, whether you’re charming and adorable or snarky and nerdy. This shirt is designed to be the greatest ultra-soft, high-quality shirt available. The ringspun cotton used in these vintage lightweight-fitting shirts ensures a pleasant fit and feel.

Show your favorite angler that they’re special by getting them a humorous shirt that they can brag about.

7. Fishing Lures Tumbler 

This tumbler features a BP-free lid, and it is great for both your cold and hot drinks. The sublimation process allows graphic designs to be permanently fused with glasses as they fade or peel over time. It is also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Additionally, it reduces condensation. As soon as you pick up your beverage from drinking out of ordinary glass, some of its contents will condense into droplets on its surface that fall back onto any surface beneath it, like tabletops and car dashboards. Hence, they make you feel disgusted! 

Thanks to this amazing tumbler, you can avoid such problems. These cups are specially designed to be used outdoors where they have plenty of space between them and other objects in case anything spills from them.

8. Procrastifishing T-Shirt

This tee is printed in the USA, and the design is printed with the state of the art equipment using premium ink. Its lightweight material lets you stay cool while you are out fishing. It has breathable space for maximum comfort. 

Not to mention, it is machine wash safe; it’s a great gift that can be worn on any occasion, whether fishing, sports, or casual wear.

Additionally, it is available in multiple sizes, from 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. It is perfect for staying cool on the lake, beside the river, or wherever you are. This Procrastifishing t-shirt is for men. However, you could also order a design for women on Amazon.

9. River’s Edge Products Salt and Pepper Shakers

This product would be an amazing gift for any fishing enthusiast’s crib; its eye-catching design is crafted with poly resin and glass. The vibrant colors are just as attractive when displayed on a table or countertop as they are in use, which makes them ideal for any setting! 

These salt and pepper shakers have holes on top to allow for even seasoning distribution.

The glass used ensures easy identification of salt and pepper. These shakers feature a multicolored bass with its mouth widely opened, holding two shakers in its little fins. Getting these shakers for a passionate angler would be memorable.

10. Wooden Fishing Box

This gorgeous-looking box can serve as a safe for keeping your jewelry, keys, wallet, your catches, and so on; this box is embellished with a resin fish, fly fishing rod, and a fishnet. 

It is an ideal gift for occasions like father’s day or for someone special who enjoys fishing. The wooden box is carefully made to look authentic and, at the same time, look cool. 

Additionally, it is great for holding gift cards, a small present, or even personal documents such as licenses and passports in your apartment or office. The box costs a reasonable $19.95 and measures 10 x 25 x 4 inches in dimensions. It would be nice to get gifts like this for your angler loved ones.

11. I Love It When Mug

This mug is great for any angler. Fill it with your drink and enjoy a laugh before drinking. It’s made from ceramic, holds 11 oz of liquid, and will surely be a great item to have at your place or in your office break room. 

Stuff like this can put a smile on your angler’s face and can even be funny to their wife! Features the saying, “ I love it when my wife lets me go fishing. A suitable present for passionate angler dads. It also has a smooth touch and sells for a reasonable price.

12. Fishoholic Fishing Hat

Getting your angler friend gifts like a new rod, shirt, or bag pack is cool, but why not change things up and get them a fun novelty gift? 

The Fishoholic fishing hat sits just right on anyone’s head; this is one of the gifts your angler friend or loved ones would like. At times, they want to go out and experience the sea or search for a particular fish, and gifts like this fishing hat would look good on them.

This hat is not machine washable. So hand-wash it with lukewarm water and lay it flat to dry. Comes in 10 different shades of colors and features a snap closure. It can be adjusted to fit any adult, suitable for anglers that really love fishing, and the word printed on it reflects their passion.

Additionally, the best part about these hats is, no one can ever go wrong with them; they look good on everyone. The saying on the hat lets people know the wearer’s love for fishing as soon as they enter an area.

13. Authentic Ikejime Kit from Japan

This kit is one of the coolest gifts you could get from your angler friends. It is made for both professionals in the fishing game and recreational anglers. 

The product is tested in the harshest conditions to ensure the highest quality when used as a tool for filleting fish. And it’s very easy to use! You don’t need much practice to filet fish efficiently with it. It is designed in Japan with cutting-edge technology and the best materials.

Ikejime is the act of humanely killing a fish as quickly as possible and with the least amount of pain; this is done by sticking a spike into the brain between the fish’s eyes to search for its nerve position. The fish is also made to bleed by cutting its gills; this ensures the harsh metallic taste from the flesh of the fish is removed.

This kit would be one of the best gifts you could get your fishing enthusiasts’ friends or loved ones; it’s easy and also high-level stuff. Let your buddy explore new fishing techniques and have fun doing it!


Buying gifts for an angler can be difficult. Finding accessories and gear specific to their hobbies is often confusing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find great gifts. 

The next time you are trying to find an idea or gift for your favorite angler, consider one of these ideas or pieces of equipment! Certainly, you can’t go wrong with choosing the best gifts.

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