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Redtail Catfish Fishing Tips

After watching Jeremy Wade catch a red tail catfish on an episode of River Monsters, I knew I had to catch one! The journey took me to Bangkok, Thailand, where I was led by a guide to catch these magnificent creatures. This fish is a hungry monster and will eat nearly anything. In this guide,

squid used as the best catfish baits

12 Best Catfish Bait of 2023 (Artificial & Live)

Catfish Stink Bait is the best catfish bait to use in 2023. While they may not be the most pleasant-smelling baits, they are popularly used for catching catfish. Their stinky nature attracts catfish miles away, and it’s advisable to use one with enough detectable but manageable scent. For example, Catfish Stink bait is made from

Catfishing tips for channel catfish

How to Catch Catfish — Our Top Catfishing Tips

  Anglers have differing opinions on the best catfishing tips, from the size of tackle to be used, to baits and even hand fishing (noodling) for monsters! Overview Catfish are common freshwater fish that can pack on the weight. They can grow to massive sizes and will eat just about anything you can imagine. In

How to set a trotline

How to Set a Trotline — Setting Trotlines for Crab and Catfish

Now that you’ve made or purchased a trotline, it’s time to get it in the water and do some trotline fishing. There are many different ways of setting a trotline, but we’ll focus on two specific methods, one for catching catfish and the other for catching crabs. In this article, you’ll learn how to set a

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Trotline Fishing — How to Make a Trotline to Catch Catfish

If you want to catch catfish, then you need to try trotline fishing. A trotline is an effective method to cover a lot of fishing areas to catch fish passively. In this article, we’ll dive into what a trotline is, how to make one, and what bait to use to catch catfish and other fish

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Become A Pond Fishing Expert

Fishing ponds can be found in every part of the world. These ponds can be man-made or natural. Ponds can be home to a wide variety of pond-dwelling fish, from spotted bass, bream, blue catfish, pangasius, largemouth bass, perch, sunfish, and more. How to fish in a pond will depend on the following: Many ponds

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Best Catfish Rods and Reels for Monster Catfish

When it comes to chasing MONSTER catfish, you need the best catfish rods and reels you can get your hands on. I have personally seen some of what I thought were “good” reels stripped out by a big catfish…not to mention broke fishing rods. Using the perfect setup with the best catfishing tips, you’re bound