slip bobber rig

Slip Bobber Rig (Everything You Need to Know)

The slip bobber rig is the most adaptable catfish rig available that every angler should be familiar with. It is ideal for catching channel catfish and other different species like freshwater game fish. The versatility of the slip bobber rigs allows fishermen to fish at various depths and adjust their fishing depth in response to

shaky head rig

Shaky Head Rig

Anglers of all skill levels have a preferred bait when the going gets rough. Not every day is guaranteed to have a full icebox, stringer, or premier fishing conditions. In fact, some of the best fishing days start out slow and unproductive, requiring some critical thinking as well as trial and error. Unconventional techniques, new

speckled trout fishing rigs

5 Best Speckled Trout Fishing Rigs

If redfish is to salt and brackish water, what bass are to rivers and ponds, then speckle trout are the bream. A species full of piss and vinegar, speckled trout are known to bite off more than they can chew.  An aggressive and tenacious predator, they are one of the most popular fish angled for

redfish fishing rigs

The Best Rigs for Redfish Fishing

Redfish are an incredibly popular species when it comes to angling inshore. Oftentimes found in fishing destinations, redfish are delicious staples of southern seafood cuisine.  Understanding that redfish will feed throughout the water column in its entirety, but are also predators that rely on vibration, sight, sound, and scent, rigs that focus on these factors

best carp fishing rigs

5 Best Carp Rigs in 2023

Carp is one of the favorite games for many anglers. Their size, strength, and availability make it fun to catch carp. For a successful and enjoyable carp fishing session, it is important to use the best carp rig. There are a lot of factors that determine which carp rig is best for carp fishing at

Texas rig

Carolina Rig Vs Texas Rig — Know When to Use

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig? If you want to know how each type of rigging works to decide which one best suits your needs, this article will help!  As you’ll know, the Carolina rig is a popular fishing technique that uses a long, heavyweight to cast out

gulp shrimp rigs

Gulp Shrimp Rigs for In-Shore Fish

Gulp baits bring fishing into an all-new ball game. With the right gulp shrimp rigs, you can target and bag any in-shore fish you want- from redfish trout, speckled trout, flathead, flounder, snook and other fish. Gulp baits boast a new-generation soft bait that attracts saltwater fish and rigging them the right way ensures your

bottom fishing rigs

5 Top Bottom Fishing Rigs

Many trophy fish dwells at the bottom of the seafloor, and if you want to get your hands on them, you need to learn how to make bottom fishing rigs. The bottom fishing hit-or-miss game will keep your experience exciting and challenging. What you need is a whole lot of patience, the right gear, and

striper rigs

4 Best Striped Bass Rigs (Proven To Work)

Are you looking to catch a trophy-sized striper, but don’t know which rigs to use? We contacted seasoned striper fishermen and asked them what rigs caught the most fish. In this article, we look at four you should try on your next outing. 1. In-line Sinker Drift Rig Many anglers use drifting rigs to clam

pier fishing rigs

Pier Fishing Rigs That Work Best in California Waters

Many pier anglers love to hook their target fish with effective pier fishing rigs in different piers around SoCal and other places. Pier fishing is and should be enjoyable to all anglers- children, adults, beginners, and pros alike. Learning the most effective pier fishing rigs for your quick trip will help you bag your catch.  Here are

bass fishing rigs

Popular Bass Fishing Rigs

Want to catch a fair amount of bass this season? Learning a bunch of effective bass fishing rigs amps up your chances of making your catch. Rigging for bass calls for presentation and purpose. They create a sense of natural presentation to your target bass, attracting it to bite.  Here are some of the most

surf perch rigs

Surf Perch Rigs — A California Fishing Guide

California’s coastal waters house different species of surfperch that are available for anglers to catch all year. The many species of surfperch are easy to bait.  Here are the best surf fishing rigs that will get you your target surf perch.  3 Effective Surf Perch Rigs  1. Carolina Rig for Surf Perch Surfperch are bottom

mojo rig

How to Tie a Mojo Rig For Bass Fishing

The Mojo Rig is great for catching bass. It’s your go-to efficient rig that is the right blend of your classic Carolina rig and Split shot rig– just in between aggressive and subtle.  What You’ll Need Mojo Rig Setup Rigging the Mojo setup is slightly different from the Carolina rig, but this technique is easy

Texas rig

How to Tie a Texas Rig to Catch Bass

One of the most common soft plastic fishing rigs is the Texas rig, also known as the T-rig. Learning how to rig this effective presentation is best to hook a fish when bass fishing. The Texas rig is a versatile setup with many variations popular among anglers. It started way back when fishers fished plastic

Carolina Rig

How to Tie a Carolina Rig for Surf Fishing

Anglers, over the years, learned to use different fishing techniques and tactics in catching their trophy fish. One of the best surf fishing rigs popular in Southern California is the Carolina Rig, where large snappers and groupers are encountered on the boat. Learning how to tie a Carolina rig is a useful skill you can

jigging rigs

Saltwater Jig Fishing 101 — Learn Proper Rigging & Jigs

Let’s learn basic saltwater jig fishing rigs to help you catch fish. A jig is a lead head with a hook molded into it. Usually, you’ll put a soft bait or skirt on it to create a motion that makes the fish react. Jigging rigs is the setup you choose to display these jigs to