wahoo rigs

Wahoo Rigs — How to Rig for Acanthocybium solandri

Rigging for wahoo requires using the three-wire stand, three hooks, and about six haywire twists. To make a rig, you need at least 4 feet of number nine wire and a haywire twist of about 7/0 hook to one end. Next, twist the strands of the wire on the connecting loop. Remember, the twist depends

deep drop rigs

Deep Drop Rigs — What You Need To Fish Deep

Deep Drop rigs prove invaluable when fishing deep. Fishing in water that is 500 feet deep is way different than fishing in a shallow reef. When you are fishing for a queen snapper, tilefish, or those that live in frigid temperatures and complete darkness, you need to step up your rig game. This is where

plastic worm rigs

4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Excellent Bass Fishing

Mojo Outdoor Texas Rig tops the list of the best worm rig for bass fishing. This rig features a weedless setup that doesn’t tangle easily. The rig has a structure that connects to a decoy through a snap and an extra loop at the end that can accommodate a few more worms. Unlike other rigs,

ballyhoo rigs

3 Ballyhoo Rigs for Trolling: Learn How to Rig a Ballyhoo

If you want to catch big surf fish such as tuna and swordfish, you need live bait, which doesn’t get any better than ballyhoo fish. This fish is often used as a cut bait and for trolling by saltwater anglers. It sports a halfbeak for a snout and has three stripes that extend all over

rock fish near structure

Rock Fishing Rigs — How to Catch Big Rockfish

  Rockfish look powerful, but they don’t fight much. You’ll be spending more time hoisting up your heavy rock fishing rig so be prepared for that. It would help if you had specific rock fishing setups to lure this bottom-dweller out of the depths and onto your hook. The fish is quite well known for

Knocker Rig

Knocker Rig — How to Tie This Bottom Fishing Rig

Trying to catch fish that swim at the bottom is a science as well as an art. That’s because many of the bottom-feeding species prefer to hide in tight cover on reefs and other submerged structures to protect themselves from predators and to ambush their prey. The Knocker Rig is great for getting your live

pulley rig

Pulley Rig Guide

Don’t you hate it when your catch gets snagged and ripped from the line as you try and reel it in over structure? All of that hard work wasted! You can prevent that from happening if you learn how to make a pulley rig. This unique setup increases the chances of anglers reeling in hooked


How To Rig A Pompano Rig

Are you looking to rig up a Pompano rig that actually catches fish? We’ve seen plenty of fishermen jerry-rig setups that work for catching other fish but flounder when targeting pompano. In this guide, we show you how to tie a pompano rig and share a few pre-tied rigs you can try if you want

popping cork rig redfish

How to Set Up Popping Cork Rig — A Guide

  If you are having trouble catching redfish or speckled trout, then check out the popping cork rig. This is a three to five inches long float that is made from either hard plastic or Styrofoam. Anglers can set up the rig above their fishing line and cast it over a spot where they can

fish finder rig

Fish Finder Rig — How to Tie & When to Use

  This is a popular surf fishing rig used to find where the fish (striped bass, red drum, snook, and more) congregates. It’s similar to the Carolina Rig, but it is typically used with a pyramid weight rather than a sliding egg sinker to keep the rig in one area. This surf fishing guide will

split shot rig

Split Shot Rig — How to Use Split Shot for Fishing

The split shot rig is a simple rig that will help you cast your bait farther and keep your bait low in the water. This rig is a simple yet effective setup in any fishing scenario. In this article, we will cover split shot rigs, how to use them and how they can be used

Best Surf Fishing Rigs

5 Best Surf Fishing Rigs (for Beginners to Advanced)

You’d be surprised how many fish swim a few feet from shore. Depending on the structure of your favorite beach, they can be found in troughs in the sand, holes, near submerged rocks, and other structures while they search for food. The best surf fishing rig depends on the fish species you’re targeting and the