fishing knot tying tool

5 Fishing Knot Tying Tools in 2023 to Make it Easier to Tie

Fishing is a great hobby, but it can be frustrating when your fishing knot tying tool slips out of your fingers. Besides, you may have tried to make a loop in the line or secure a knot around something. Yet before you know it, you’re left with nothing but frustrated hands and an empty hook.

do fish bite in the rain

Do Fish Bite in the Rain? Here’s What You Should Know

This is a question that has gone unanswered for a long time. While fishing can be difficult at times, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of catching more fish. This article will discuss all about fishing in the rain and tell you what time of day to go fishing. If

Texas rig

Carolina Rig Vs Texas Rig — Know When to Use

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig? If you want to know how each type of rigging works to decide which one best suits your needs, this article will help!  As you’ll know, the Carolina rig is a popular fishing technique that uses a long, heavyweight to cast out

colorado fly fishing

Colorado Fly Fishing — Best Spots & Tips

Colorado is blessed with destinations attractive to tourists, from natural landscapes, mountains, museums, and parks. This state is home to a myriad of rivers and streams that flows all throughout the state.  No doubt, water activities such as fly fishing are one of the most popular activities that locals and tourists enjoy in this state.

can you eat koi fish

Can You Eat Koi Fish? (Here’s What You Should Know)

In Japanese culture, it’s believed that Koi fish brings in fortune since it’s a symbol of good luck. It’s a domesticated variant of the amur carp that’s commonly captive-bred with its vibrant colors. The koi carp are ornamental fish that are usually seen in backyard ponds. It’s considered an expensive fish priced for its physical

how to keep minnows alive

How to Keep Minnows Alive (Step by Step Guide)

One of the effective ways how to attract a fish is to use live bait. This is because there’s a higher tendency for your targeted fish—whether it’s large or small—will be drawn to its movement.  The commonly used live baits are minnows. It’s a popular bait for anglers because it can guarantee a good catch.

freshwater spearfishing

Freshwater Spearfishing 101 — Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Interested in spearfishing in freshwater? It’s not impossible. You’re in luck! We’re sharing tips that’ll help you get started. Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know so you can be fully prepared for your first freshwater spearfishing. These are firsthand guides from expert Jake Lords, the freshwater spearo from Utah.  Listen

best selfie stick

9 Best Selfie Sticks in 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

If you’re fond of capturing solo pictures or group images without leaving anyone out, especially the background, the use of the best selfie stick is a helpful accessory. Selfie sticks are a popular choice for photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, sports athletes, or those who just want to level up their photography skills.  Camera sticks in the

how to fish a chatterbait

How to Fish a Chatterbait (Guide for Beginners)

A chatterbait is an improved jig designed to give you a big catch. If you haven’t tried using it, you’re missing out. Not only that, but chatterbaits are also versatile, making them the best jig for any level of angler. So, whatever fish you’re trying to catch, the chatterbait should be in your tackle bag.

best baitcaster

13 Best Baitcasting Reels (2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The best baitcasting reel will allow you to throw the same bait over and over with consistency and accuracy. That’s where baitcasters excel, repetition. They should fit your hand so that it’s comfortable while you move your lure in just the right way to give it the presentation that will elicit a strike. You’ll also

best kayak brands

14 Best Kayak Brands in 2023

Our top pick of the best kayak brand in 2023 is Hobie. This brand is famous for manufacturing fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, inflatables, and sailing kayaks. This brand tops our list because it delivers an exceptional pedal-drive system suitable for anglers who want to experience dual maneuverability. Our first runner-up is the Sleath Brand. This

best trout lures

8 Best Trout Lures to Buy in 2023

Trouts are one of the fishes that are tough to catch, making them one of the most popular game fish. They feed on various small water creatures, so it’s best to attract them through the food that they mostly forage. Many anglers make use of an artificial lure because they can use it all over

fishing after rain

Is It Good to Go Fishing After It Rains?

Weather is one of the crucial factors that will decide your fishing strategy. Understanding how weather and fishing come hand-in-hand increases your chance of success. Your chances of catching fish after rain or a rain storm can go either way. Do you know why? Fish feel when their environment changes. They can sense changes in

best lightweight kayak

15 Best Lightweight Kayak in 2023 (Our Top Picks)

The Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak Set is the best lightweight kayak in 2023 that will make your kayaking more enjoyable. It has two separate air chambers and Boston valves for quick deflation and inflation. It also comes with a repair kit, air pump, carry bag, aluminum paddles, and instruction manual, thus making it a perfect

best portable fish finder

7 Best Portable Fish Finders (Expert Picks)

Whether you’re going for sea fishing, ice fishing, or shore fishing, having a good fish finder can make a difference. Here’s a list to help you find the best portable fish finder to make your fishing trip fun yet straightforward. Below are among the best portable units many experts pick. Best Portable Fish Finders 1.

best fly fishing kayak

6 Best Fly Fishing Kayaks 2023 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Fly fishing is a known fishing method for competitive kayak anglers that guarantees a catch using the right equipment. Compared to other types of fishing, fly fishing is considered the most complicated one because it requires specific skills,  requirements, and fishing techniques for you to succeed.  If you’re looking for the best fly fishing kayak,