Best Inflatable Catamarans for Adventure

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If you love summer or holiday getaways out in the water, then you are one of the people who use water sports activities to explore. There’s so much to do at sea, but the question is – can your transport get you and your crew to where you want to be?

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With the best inflatable catamarans, there are many spots you can access that bigger boats can only dream of. Here’s a list you can consider when purchasing a boat for your next water adventure.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Takacat 420 LX Powerful Safety Boat

This inflatable dinghy is perfect for some family fun under the sun or some challenging adventure against the wind. It has protective layers on the seams for strength and protection against hard-hitting areas.


Perfect for Fishing & Sailing: Saturn Catamaran MC330

This is perfect to use for fishing, sailing, or passenger transport. The lowered front bow ensures convenience for swimmers and divers to quickly get in and out of the boat and the water.


Ultimate Kayak Alternative: Scout 430

This is the ultimate kayak alternative. Sailing at sea alone or with friends is no problem as this boat is easily manageable by a single person for kayak or powered boat use.


8 Best Inflatable Catamarans

1. Takacat 420 LX Powerful Safety Boat

The Takacat company commits to its passion for providing water adventurers with an exciting range of the best inflatable catamaran boats that can weather many water conditions. This inflatable catamaran ensures safety, stability, and powerful speed while remaining versatile and easy to use.

The open Tube-transom and open bow design of the inflatable boats from Takacat revolutionize its portability and handling. This inflatable dinghy is perfect for some family fun under the sun or some challenging adventure against the wind.

Takacat Catamarans are best used as inflatable fishing boats with rod holders. Or sailboats and tenders because of their outstanding portability, durability, and load capacity. Its denier custom-made PVC-constructed tube is removable for easy and cost-effective retubing.

They are not glued to a hull, making them replaceable over time. Durability and rigidity are features of this inflatable catamaran with its protective anti-skid and anti-UV rays core. Any sailor will not have transport problems using this product as it is easily foldable and conveniently easy to set up.

The products that come with the purchase of the Takacat inflatable catamaran are its manual pump and gauge, a repair kit, rowlocks, and oar setup, and two carry bags. This heavy-duty inflatable boat lets you experience the world of water with companies while ensuring a safe and secure trip.

It has protective layers on the seams for strength and protection against hard-hitting areas. These additional layers make it perfect as the best contender for quality safety boats. 

2. Saturn Catamaran 

Saturn boasts its quality Catamarans that you can use for fishing, sailing, or passenger transporting. It features large tubes for improved catamaran performance and stability of the inflatable.

The lowered front bow ensures convenience for swimmers and divers to quickly get in and out of the boat and the water. You can easily pack it as it is incredibly lightweight with its quick and easy multi-chamber inflation and deflation.

Saturn features an attractive sporty look to add to your water sports activity feeling. Saturn inflatable boats have added tube air chambers for additional safety to cruisers and its marine-grade plywood transom with two drain plugs.

You can coast the water with your buddies as this inflatable catamaran boat’s maximum weight capacity is 1200 lbs. With your purchase, the products you get are a repair kit, a hand pump, aluminum benches, and a carrying bag.

3. Scout 430

The ultimate kayak alternative is the Scout 430. This boat boasts versatility and stunning design changes. This inflatable catamaran can give you more weight capacity with an extra waterline.

It has a greater outboard size without increasing the boat’s weight and compromising its setup and take-down characteristics.

You can use this inflatable catamaran for many water activities. And you don’t have to spend too much effort and energy on its transport and storage.

Sailing at sea alone or with friends is no problem as this boat is easily manageable by a single person for kayak or powered boat use.

4. Zodiac Pro 7

Zodiac Pro 7 rigid inflatable boat (RIB) fits all water activities. You can use this inflatable catamaran for fishing, diving, underwater hunting, and a lot more. Cruisers and sailors appreciate this inflatable boat for its removable tube, which makes it easy to maintain.

You have the luxury to customize the layout of this boat to your preference and desired program. The Zodiac Pro 7 consists of a deep V-fibreglass hull, Hypalon tubes for buoyancy, and a modular design for flexibility. 

What’s liberating is that you have the freedom to choose the configuration for this catamaran boat.

5. Colorado XT Inflatable

The Colorado XT is easily portable as it can just fit in a gear bag. It has removable side pockets for you to carry it with ease while still having customizable storage. This heavy-duty pontoon boat is resistant to abrasion with its PVC bottom and durable nylon top.

It has a transport wheel to make it easier for you to access many fishing spots. You will not have visibility issues as this inflatable boat rides high with non-slip footrests.

6. Solstice OutCat Inflatable Catamaran

Catamarans are useful for many water activities, such as fishing, diving, and passenger transport. Solstice inflatable catamaran is a premium-marine quality inflatable boat made with touch PVC. 

The unique design of this sailing catamaran provides stability and agility for a one-person voyage. It has an integrated kayak-style seat that supports and elevates the people sitting to ensure hours of comfort and enjoyment. 

Solstice OutCat stands out, along with others, when it comes to durability because of its radio frequency welded seams for a tougher boat.

With the water-resistant storage bag included with this inflatable boat, you will not have to worry about wet gears. This true catamaran hull design boat comes with a carry bag, pump, and gauge.

7. Bris 11 FT Inflatable Catamaran

This inflatable catamaran suits a small outboard motor or an inexpensive electric one. It features a lightweight removable air deck floor, making it easy for its owner and user to maintain, carry, and set up the boat.

Rocky terrains are not problematic as Bris has an extra-wide and thick rub strake on its bottom tubes. This inflatable catamaran is one of the best watercraft tenders for the main ship or an inflatable boat for fishing or a leisure cruise.

Like with any boat, extra care is necessary when speeding up in strong wind conditions to prevent the boat from flipping. The maximum weight capacity is 1200 lbs, allowing four people to board the inflatable boat.

8. Minicat 460 Inflatable Sailing Catamaran

The MiniCat 460 is one of the best and most versatile inflatable dinghies, heightening the users’ sailing experience. This boat’s aluminum floor deck and frame are lightweight, making it easy to maneuver while still controlling the speed.

They are designed with exceptional stability and simplicity for family fun. It ensures greater comfort and safety for the sailor and the crew because of its no-boom Dacron sail design.

The MiniCat is resistant to abrasion and wears as its material aligns with the white water rafts production. This inflatable dinghy’s weight capacity is 530 kg, which allows approximately four people aboard the sailboat.

Glued Seams vs. Welded Seams

Welded seams are often used for RIBs as they are affordable, typically easy to do, and inflated most of the time. Glued seams are best for boats you intend to fold and unfold constantly.

Welded seams become brittle and will start to leak. Additionally, they are not totally repairable as you can only patch them up, which compromises your boat’s quality and performance.

You want to purchase glued seamed boats, which are more flexible and have higher holding power in complex shapes and sizes.

best inflatable catamarans
Fishers bring TakaCat out for a spin. Source: Shellie

Frequently Asked Question

Can you leave even the best inflatable catamarans inflated for longer periods?

Yes, you most definitely can, but there are a number of little details you and your team need to remember when leaving it inflated. Equipping your dinghy catamaran with chaps is best to protect it against UV rays and keep off bird poop.
Inflatable bottom paint is also one thing to help your boat contend with any growth in your waters.

What is the best way to store an inflatable catamaran?

The best way to store an inflatable catamaran is by deflating it and rolling it up. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can also use a storage bag to keep it protected while in storage.

How long do inflatable catamarans last?

Inflatable catamarans can last for a very long time, provided you take good care of them. Your inflatable catamaran can last for many years with proper maintenance and storage.

Are inflatable catamarans safe?

Inflatable catamarans are just as safe as any other type of boat, provided that you use them properly and follow all safety guidelines. Always wear a life jacket when aboard an inflatable catamaran, and avoid rough waters.

Insider Advice

If there’s one thing you need to remember when purchasing and maneuvering inflatable catamarans, it’s safety. You may want to be the next Laura Dekker or chill out in the water on some days. 

No matter what, you need to take California-approved boating safety courses and always have a number of life jackets with you for you and your crew.

Better be on the safe side all the time.

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