The Best Telescopic Cane Poles for 2023

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Cane poles have been a staple of fishing since man’s inception. A stiff piece of cane, bamboo, or wood and line creates the simplest method of fishing, yet it’s incredibly effective.  

Though it’s not as prevalent a method of fishing today with so much modern equipment, cane pole fishing is a great throwback and can be an excellent introduction to fishing.

Best telescopic cane poles tenkara alternative
Tenkara rods are all the rage, but the same method can be done for cheaper using a telescopic cane pole. Source

The nice part about advances in technology is that you don’t need a large one-piece bamboo cane pole anymore, which is difficult to transport.

A sturdy telescopic cane pole can be broken down into smaller components thanks to fiberglass and graphite tubes.

This article will cover the best telescopic cane poles you can get your hands on. Best of all, most of them are cheap and easy to find!

Telescopic Cane Poles Materials

The two common materials for a telescopic cane pole are fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Since these poles tend to be on the cheaper side, a fiberglass cane pole is more commonly found in stores and online.


Cane Pole Antennas

It’s worth noting that since fiberglass and carbon fiber are non-conductive, these poles have become popular in the DIY radio crowd.

Many people use them to replace their car antennas or to build out 20+ foot ones to pick up better range when out in the bush or backcountry.

Best Telescopic Cane Pole in 2023 Reviewed

  1. Best Fiberglass Cane Pole – Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod
  2. Best Carbon Fiber Cane Pole – Goture Carp Fishing Pole
  3. Best Tenkara Rod – Uxcell Traveling 9 Sections Telescopic Pole Fishing
  4. Best Budget Cane Pole – B&M BW4 Black Widow Telescopic Rod
  5. Best Crappie Cane Pole – South Bend 14-Feet Crappie Stalker Pole

1. Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod

Best Fiberglass Cane Pole

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a Dragontail Shadowfire 365 tenkara rod, this is a great choice for easy pan fishing in lakes and ponds. With 20 feet of reach, this Shakespeare pole will help get your bait to where the fish are.

Most fish you’ll be going for won’t need more than a four to ten-pound test anyway. I’ve had many other Shakespeare rods in the past, and they are durable and strong beyond belief.

The fiberglass tubes used in this cane pole will give you a sensitive feel, exactly what you want when fishing for small freshwater fish.

2. Goture Carp Fishing Pole

Best Carbon Fiber Cane Pole

Sometimes you’ll want the over-the-top item for your fishing arsenal. If that’s the case, you should look at getting the 36-foot carbon fiber cane pole from Goture. This pole is so long that you might reach the other side of the pond if you’re not careful.

It’s not the cheapest, but it makes sense with that much material.

Best of all, they offer medium and fast action rods and ones as short as ten feet long.

These fishing rods are great for car camping and will last for a good amount of time as long as you take care of them. Be sure to rinse off the sections with fresh water and let them dry before you break them down and store them.

A great choice for freshwater fishing (streams, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs) and makes a great backpacking rod.

3. Uxcell Traveling 9 Sections Telescopic Pole Fishing

Best Tenkara Rod

Tenkara fly fishing has become popular as of late, but one of the biggest complaints is that the poles can be expensive.

If you’re looking to see if the Tenkara style of fishing is right for you but don’t want to lay down the dollars, you should try this super cheap travel cane pole.

I know a few people who’ve used this and have caught a bunch of small trout while backpacking. One of them even caught a three-pound bass and landed it…I wouldn’t recommend going after those bigger fish with this pole, but now it’s been done.

4. B&M BW4 Black Widow Telescopic Rod

Best Budget Cane Pole

You might be thinking, how is this a budget cane when the Uxcell is cheaper? Well, we’re basing our criteria on the Uxcell being smaller in size and more geared toward travel.

If you want a telescopic cane pole that’s so cheap, you might as well buy a couple to keep around. This is the one.

It collapses down to 45 inches and is excellent for freshwater shore fishing. It’s strong enough to land up to and around a five-pound bass, but that’s stretching it a bit. Stick with smaller fish, and this should last you a while.

If you want something cheap and will drop your lure or fly where you want it in the weeds without needing to cast, this is your pole.

5. South Bend 14-Feet Crappie Stalker Pole

Best Crappie Cane Pole

This cane pole is great for crappie and bream. It’s a workhorse, and one person claimed they caught and released over four hundred fish with one of these. Another guy said he caught a five-pound bass to hold up under pressure.

The red might deter you, but we honestly think it looks fantastic. It’s relatively cheap and should give you plenty of enjoyment, especially if you are looking for a good fishing pole for kids. 14 feet is a great size to start if your spots aren’t super hard to reach.

Good luck out there, and tight lines! Don’t forget to always check your local state fishing regulations.

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