How to Tie a King Sling Knot

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The easy-to-tie king sling knot is a loop knot that is used to attach terminal tackle and bait to the end of a fishing line securely. This secure knot is also used to attach streamers to the line to attract fish and give bait natural movement.

This loop knot can be tied with a heavy monofilament that can withstand a 50-pound test. Fishing knots are only as strong as how well they are tied. Use the following steps to make this connection:

How to Tie the King Sling Knot

king sling knot

Here’s a King Sling Knot step-by-step guide on how to tie this loop knot.

Step 1

Thread the tag end of your fishing line through the hook eye, fly, or the lure you are using. 

Step 2

Double back the line parallel to the mainline or create a loop with the double line if you want to make an open loop at the end.

Step 3

Create a loop in the double line by folding it back on itself.

Step 4

Insert your finger at the end of the loop and turn it counterclockwise 3 to 4 times while securing the lure and fishing line with your other hand. 

Step 5

Thread the lure or hook through the double loop.

Step 6

Moisten the knot and then pull it tight. Pull the standing fishing line and the tag end and pull the loop in the opposite direction. 

Step 7

Trim the excess line at the tag end to complete your king sling knot. 

King Sling Knot Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

YouTube video

Tips for Tying the King Sling Knot

  • Make sure the loop is large enough to accommodate the bait when you are tying the knot by hand. The connection may be too weak otherwise. 
  • A braided line is strong enough to be used to tie the king sling knot securely. 
king sling knot

King Sling vs Rapala Knot

Like the king sling knot, the Rapala knot can be used to create a loop at the end of a line as well. Plus, like the king sling knot, it can also be used to give your bait or lure more action in the water. The difference between the two is that tying the Rapala takes more time and effort. 

King Sling Knot Advantages and Disadvantages

The king sling knot is used by anglers to make their braid to mono connection stronger, and tying it does not take much time. However, it would help if you had quite a bit of strength to tie a king sling knot because the braided line used is quite thick. 

Alternative Knots to the King Sling Knot 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a king sling fishing knot hold?

That will depend on the strength of the king sling knot you make. Make sure you moisten the standing line as you tie it to make it stronger.

What is the best line to use to make a king sling knot?

Braided and fluoro lines hold the knot well.

When should I use the king sling knot?

These knots are perfect if you are targeting aggressive and big fish, such as salmon and steelhead. Watch a king sling knot video to learn how to make one freely.

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