fishing hook in finger

What to Do When a Fishing Hook Gets Stuck in Your Finger

To remove a fishing hook stuck in a finger, cut the fishing line, lure, or bait from the hook to remove the fishing hook in the finger. Next, apply ice on the affected area to numb the nerves. If the hook has not penetrated through the skin, gently pull the tip of your hook. If

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures

7 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures for Monster Fish

The lures we’re going to cover today are so effective they should be BANNED! But we’ll keep that secret between you and me. We’ve asked hundreds of fishermen what lures they recommended that most people don’t know about. Below is a list of their top picks. Make sure you add them to your arsenal! Listen

white sea bass

How To Catch White Seabass

According to Captain Mark Winch, you’ll want to try a few different approaches to catch white seabass. The Short Answer The first is slow trolling a large mackerel on a Carolina rig using a 4-ounce egg sinker, 40-pound fluorocarbon, to a #1 or #2 treble hook. If the squid is around, you can fly line

how to fish with frog

How to Fish for Bass with Frog Baits

A giant largemouth blowing up on a topwater frog is undoubtedly the most thrilling method for catching bass. Bass frog fishing gives an exciting, quick-paced opportunity for sight fishing that will test your patience. In some cases, it might even be the most efficient way of catching bass. You need to understand more about frog

jerkbait vs crankbait

Jerkbait vs Crankbait: What’s the Difference?

As an angler, it is important to have a complete fishing tackle to make the best catch on your fishing trip. One of the most important accessories to have in your tackle box is your bait. When it comes to quality baits, two baits that stand out are crankbait and jerkbait. Due to the popularity

best salmon lures for rivers

7 Best Salmon Lures for River Fishing

When people think of Salmon, the image of a grizzly swatting a colorful, large fish from a cool mountain stream somewhere in the American Northwest comes to mind. Fly fishing, reds, greens, ocean runs, and the Pacific Ocean are all at the forefront of the imagination when salmon are discussed. These beautiful, majestic fish are

best white bass lures

8 Best White Bass Lures in 2023

Finding an ideal lure when white bass fishing is not as simple as buying a new bait or casting your current selection. Having the right lures with good characteristics and traits will help make them more enticing to your targeted species. So how do you find the best white bass lures? This is the complete

best trout lures for rivers

The 10 Best Trout Lures for Rivers in 2023

Rapala Original 05 tops our list of the best trout lures for rivers in 2023. This lure is multifaceted, and you can use it when fishing in shallow running, topwater, diving, and bottom walking. It is also made with a natural minnow profile that emulates the natural movement of a wounded minnow. Moreover, this lure

best salmon lures for bank fishing

7 Best Salmon Lures for Bank Fishing

Imagine casting your lure at the river bank and feeling a tug. Not just any tug but the aggressive tug of a king salmon. In those few seconds, you taste the yummy smoked salmon even before reeling out the fish. Well, you could only get this with the right lure. Most anglers understand the importance

best smallmouth bass lures

5 Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

Shoes, clothes, hats, and lures… one size does not fit all. Although smallmouth bass look incredibly similar to their largemouth cousins, there are several key differences to note to maximize angling for them.  The first of these is their preference in environment. Largemouth bass tends to enjoy weeds and grassy bottoms, while smallmouth bass can

best bass lures for summer

5 Best Bass Lures for Summer

With longer days and shorter nights comes more time to hit the water with rod and reel, and some of the best fishing all year comes during summer. It guarantees warmer water and more sunlight, making it an optimal time to do some angling.  However, extreme heat, like extreme cold, can make the bass sluggish

best northern pike lures

5 Best Northern Pike Lures of 2023

Northern pikes are sharp hunters known for their big size, agility, and aggressiveness. The aggressiveness of the northern pike coupled with their acrobatic leaps makes them a prize game for anglers. The thrill that comes with northern pike fishing is truly exciting, making it a worthwhile experience for every angler. For northern pike anglers, using

best ice fishing lures for pike

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Pike in 2023

Ice fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing, particularly when you are angling for pike. The large size and aggressive nature of pike make them a top choice for ice anglers. As an ice angler, the first step you must take to enjoy the best pike ice fishing experience is getting appropriate

best spring bass lures

10 Best Spring Bass Lures

The beginning of the fickle spring weather is the perfect time to hit the water and enjoy catching fish all through the warmer months of the year.  Having the right tools will make the difference between ending up with a big fish or going home empty-handed, so don’t forget to add these 10 best spring

Nomad madmacs

Best Tuna Fishing Lures: Ratings, Reviews, and Top Picks

Looking to catch a tuna but aren’t sure which lure to use? Tuna can be finicky, and what might work in one part of the world might not work in another. In this review, we present our favorite brands and models that are worth adding to your tackle box. The Short Answer: The best tuna

best bluefish lures

7 Best Bluefish Lures (Our Top 2023 Picks)

Fishing for bluefish is a rewarding activity, but it can be a difficult experience without the right resources, so these finicky creatures call for upgraded equipment that is resistant enough against their defenses.  In this article, we’ve chosen the most efficient and best bluefish lures to help you catch more. We have also included some