How to Tie a Bimini Twist

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The Bimini twist is another name for a fishing knot that sportfishing anglers use, and works for offshore trolling. Most people use it to double a light test line before tying to a heavier one.


The twist creates a loop at the end of the line to which it is linked. The loop is what makes this knot unique because it is stronger than the line itself. If tied correctly, twisting can increase the strength of your line twice over. 

The best way to use this fishing knot or loop is by ensuring you have enough twists to create friction. That is where it gets its holding power. 

Knot Tying Instructions

bimini twist
  • Decide the length of the line, and then take out twice that length and a little bit extra.
  • Loop around support (such as your knee, the handle of your reel, etc.) and wrap the tag end of line 20 to 25 times.
  • Draw the turns tight by pulling the ends apart.
  • Slip the tag end over the turns by pulling it towards the support it’s wrapped around.
  • Pass the line around the upper part of the loop and then through the smaller loop right under it before bringing it up.
  • Wrap the line around the loop 4 to 5 times to tighten it and pull to make it firm.
  • Cut off the excess fishing line.
How to tie a Bimini Twist
This is a strong knot that needs an anchor point to tie. This Bimini is only for show.
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  • The twist can affix a snap swivel to a barrel.
  • Use the loop end to affix backing to a fly line via a loop to loop connection.
  • You can create a double line in a Yucatan knot.
  • It can double a line to prevent chafing.
  • It’s an essential part of the GT knot when attaching mono to braid.
  • It’s popular in sportfishing.
  • It is smooth enough to prevent live bait from sliding off the hook while casting, which makes it quite ideal for highly competitive sport fishing tournaments. 


  • Prevent the Bimini twist knot from slipping by cinching the first twists you make.
  • Make the Bimini twist braid knot more effective by moistening it as you make it.
  • Once you have created the double line, you can affix it to a swivel using a Cat’s paw knot.
  • Make sure that the tag end is long enough that you don’t run out of line as you are tying the knot.
  • Tying the twist is quick and easy with enough practice, which you should do often. 
  • Maintain pressure at both ends of the loop.


  • The bimini twist knot can maintain almost 100% strength of the line.
  • A Bimini braid makes the leader more flexible.
  • This bimini twist loop is efficient for both mono and braided lines.
  • This bimini twist knot is way more efficient than the spider hitch knot.


  • This knot is notoriously tricky to tie if you don’t practice.
  • Unsuitable for novice anglers who may spend more time tying the knot than fishing.


  • Dropper loop – This fishing knot can add attachments to fishing lines. 
  • Perfection loop – Can be used to create a small loop at the end of a tippet that is in a straight line.
  • King sling – Can be used to tie terminal tackle to a line, and it attaches crankbaits and streamers.
  • Kreh loop – This is a non-slip loop that can give a lure or fly more action and make them enticing to fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a mono to tie the Bimini twist?

Yes, it can create a double line section on a monofilament line.

Can it weaken with use?

This fishing knot is one of the very few that is stronger than the line itself and cannot weaken it either. All lines and knots can weaken over time, which makes it a good idea for you to replace them after heavy use. You should also be checking your line on the regular through your day of fishing.

What is this fishing knot most used?

It’s often asked if you can tie the bimini twist to a leader. It affixes a wind-on leader and ties a shock leader with the running line. It ties the main line to a thicker leader.

Which knot can I use to attach the double line to a leader?

The FG knot is a small but efficient fishing knot that can tie this double line to a leader. 

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