egg loop knot diagram

How to Tie an Egg Loop Knot

  While live bait such as fish and fish eggs are irresistible to fish, they can be almost impossible to

how to tie an arbor knot

How to Tie an Arbor Knot

  If you’re looking for how to tie fishing line to the reel, then you’ll need to learn the arbor

how to tie a spider hitch knot

How to Tie a Spider Hitch Knot

  If you want to create a robust double line, try tying the spider hitch knot. You can tie this

how to tie a turle knot

How to Tie a Turle Knot

  If you plan on going fly fishing, you should be adept at tying a Turle Knot first. It’s a

how to tie a slim beauty knot

How to Tie a Slim Beauty Knot

  The slim beauty knot is a great line-to-line knot with a low-profile, quick to tie, and plenty strong for

haywire twist shark fishing

How to Tie the Haywire Twist

  If you’re going for big fish or even sharks, then it’s important to know how to tie a haywire

how to tie a perfection loop

How to Tie a Perfection Loop Knot

  The Perfection Loop Knot is popular for its slim profile and how it allows quick leader changes with a

how to tie a dropper loop

How to Tie a Dropper Loop Knot

  The dropper loop is hands down one of my favorite knots for trying to catch rockfish here in Southern

how to tie a surgeons knot

How to Tie a Surgeons Knot

  This Surgeon’s Knot is perfect for joining two fishing lines of equal or dissimilar diameters. This knot excels for