white seabass surf fishing tips

How To Catch White Seabass & Halibut (Surf Fishing)

The ocean is a vast and mostly unexplored world, hiding many mysteries beneath its surface. It’s no wonder that so many people are fascinated by the idea of fishing in the open sea. Surf fishing is a popular way to catch some of the more elusive fish that swim in the waters off the coast.

how to catch pike in the summer

How to Catch Pike in the Summer

Pike is a species of fish that is known to be a big prize fish among anglers. The size of the pike, as well as their aggressiveness and intelligence, make them stand out. They always put up exciting fights, making them the favorites of pike fishermen. Aside from their size and strength, another factor that

redfish fishing

How to Catch Redfish — Your Guide to Redfish Fishing

Redfish or red drum, the names are synonymous with one of the most sought-after fish in salt and brackish water. Weighing up to 94 pounds, the largest of the species are called bull reds and are envied among trophy anglers the way Willy Wankas’ ticket was. Common in Southern seafood cuisine, the redfish is a

freshwater drum

How to Catch Freshwater Drum (Fly Fishing)

Today, we’re covering how to catch freshwater drums using the fly rod with Dave Hurley.  Before he left California for quite some years, he was focused on fishing the surf, and one of his favorite fish to chase was spotfin croaker. How did Dave start catching freshwater drum? Long story short, when Dave moved out

Smallmouth Bass

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass (Fly Fishing)

Today, we’ll be covering how to catch smallmouth bass by fly fishing with Dave Hurley. Why choose a smallmouth over a largemouth bass? Dave Hurley grew up in Southern California, pursuing largemouth bass ever since he was little. So he developed his passion for fishing through that fish. After moving to Michigan, Dave quickly learned

how to catch salmon

How to Catch Salmon (Tips and Techniques)

Fishing is a fun hobby and a great excuse to go outdoors. Learning how to catch salmon, in particular, may seem easy, but it can be quite challenging, especially if you are just a beginner. To have a successful salmon catch, you have to know the basics and the tips and tricks on catching a

how to catch tilapia

How to Catch Tilapia (Ultimate Guide)

Tilapia is a popular fish with a long-established history in the Middle East and Africa. Nowadays, you can find it in America’s Southeast, but tilapia fisheries are also present in many other countries. Tilapia are notoriously tricky to catch because they’re often flighty. They’re also herbivores which means they’re not interested in baits. Catching a

flounder fishing

Flounder Fishing: How to Catch Flounder, Rigs & Baits

If you are wondering how to catch flounder, I will share with you some effective techniques and strategies for flounder fishing. Through years of fishing, I’ve already learned different methods that work for this fish. I myself like fishing for flounder because they are naturally healthy and tasty, too! So grab your gear, and let’s


Leatherjacket Fishing Guide: How to Catch Oligoplites saurus

Why is the leatherjacket fish dangerous for humans and how can you catch it? Find out answers to these questions and much more in this comprehensive guide about this excellent table fish! Here’s the ultimate guide to leatherjacket fishing. Overview Also known as leatherjack, leatheries, skipjack, and zapatero, this fish belongs to the jack fish

california halibut facts

California Halibut (Parilichtys californicus) Facts

One of the many California Halibut Facts is their notoriety for putting up a fight against anglers. This fish goes by different names. To the researchers, they are Parilichtys californicus. Anglers call them flounders, chicken halibut, bastard halibut, and portsider. A more massive halibut is a barn door. California Halibut is widely known to be

barred sand bass how to catch

How to Catch Barred Sand Bass in Southern California

Let’s learn how to catch barred sand bass! Barred sand bass will hover over flat, sandy-bottomed during the spawning season. The Paralabrax nebulifer species are a staple game fish of the local sportfishing fleet of southern California. If you are bass fishing in San Onofre, Huntington flats, or San Diego, you will encounter barred sand

how to catch snoek

Snoek — How to Catch Thyrsites atun

The snoek fish or cape snoek is a fast schooling fish that’s often caught as bycatch in offshore waters. It is a long and thin species of snake mackerel that lives in the seas that span the Southern Hemisphere and can grow up to an impressive 2 m in length. It is known as the

Cuban gar fishing tips

The Popular Gar Fish Types

Did you know that there are over seven different types of gar fish out there? While they differ in appearance and location, all of them have hard scales and jaws that are full of sharp teeth. These fish are related to the bowfin and live in freshwater habitats. However, some can be found in saltwater

sweetlip emperor fish

How to Catch the Sweetlip Emperor

When I first saw the Sweetlip Emperor I was taken aback by its interesting-looking mouth and red dorsal fin. What an awesome fish! In this guide, we’ll cover why it’s so cool and how you can catch and cook it. Let’s dive in! Listen to more fishing tips on the Cast & Spear Podcast Overview

how to catch grouper

Type of Grouper Fish (Facts + Fishing Tips)

Groupers are a species of fish that belong to the Epinephelina subfamily of the family Serranidae. As teleosts, all types of grouper have a stout body and a large mouth and are weak swimmers. However, once caught, a grouper will put up a vicious fight and use its vast bulk to full advantage. Here are